There’s no space for introductory yammering, only for the newness!

Custom Sprites
Atari: Thyra the Valkyrie, Merlin the Wizard (three versions of each) from Gauntlet
Capcom: Amazons and Kuniang M.A. Team (Strider), Metal Man (Mega Man)
Final Fight: brand new Two.P and J (fighting stances)
Konami: Bayou Billy West
Sega: Joe Musashi (new RoS fight stance), the evil amazons from Golden Axe (arcade and Genesis/Mega Drive versions)
Taito: the Priest from Cadash
Technos: Riki (Kunio-Kun series), Billy and Jimmy Lee (new scratch-made sprites)
Games (other): Gogan from the Legendary Axe
Toys & Cartoons: Captain N (!)
TMNT: Bebop and Rocksteady

Mini-logos – Believe it or not, it’s another A-to-the-mothereffin’-Z mini-logo update with the entire alphabet representing!

– Atari: Thyra, Thor, Merlin and Questor
– Capcom: Hugo (USF4 style)
– Epyx: Epyx
– Kaneko: DJ Boy
– Konami: S.P.Y. Special Project Y, Ultra Games
– Marvel: X-Men, The Uncanny X-Men
– Movies: RoboCop
– Nintendo: Captain N
– Sega: Alex Kidd (High Tech World style), Yamato (Shinobi), Zeed
– SNK: Ikari III, the rescue, Guerrilla War
– Taito: Fighter (Cadash), Mage(Cadash), Ninja(Cadash), Priest (Cadash), Violence Fight
– Tecmo: Ninja Gaiden (NES box), Wild Fang
– Technos: Billy (Lee), Jimmy (Lee)
– Victor: Legendary Axe

GFX Generators – All those new sprites, characters and logos were added to the generators.
– Groupshot Generator: box 160×192 gets four new TurboGrafx-16 set-ups
– Backgrounds: Three Ultra Street Fighter IV backgrounds, one Double Dragon Neon background and a remake of Final Fight 1-1
– Updated characters: Poison (blue palette from Mighty Final Fight)

Minus World – the “Run, Woman, Run!” article was updated.

Game Index – added: the Adventures of Bayou Billy.

I hope that made up for the poot-butt, small updates from the past few months. There won’t be any updates this gigantic for a while, but this Revenge of 1989 theme still has some surprises in store. No promises, but there might be an additional update later this week, including tune-ups of earlier content and things I didn’t have time to work into this update.

“Hey, why are there Gauntlet characters in a 1989 update?” Besides the fact that there was a good port of Gauntlet 2 for the Commodore Amiga, there’s a new Gauntlet game coming out this month!

BTW: the Boy and his Pup Kickstarter is almost done, so help out if you can!

Edit (September 20, 2014) Besides making a few fixes here and there, the following things have been added:
Mini-logos: Rolento (Ultra Street Fighter IV), Bebop and Rocksteady (TMNT Classics)
Custom sprites: Kunio-kun (Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari cover pose)
GFX Generators – All new content was added to their characters in the generators, fixes were made to a few characters (Andore/Hugo, Thyra the Valkyrie), the Lee Brothers new palettes were improved to include Double Dragon 1 sets (with the gray boots) and the “Mego: WGSH” has three new “head bubble” sets.

Okay, that’s enough for now.

Believe it or not, it bugs me when I don’t have custom sprites for all the playable characters in my favorite games. There is a ton of reasons (or excuses) I have for not having certain teams finished, and the biggest is that don’t think I’ll do that character justice in pixel form. Well, it’s time to finally get some of these crews repped 100%, and this

: Nightcrawler (all-new sprite), LJN X-Men hero sprite edits (Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Storm & Wolverine)
Nintendo: Princess Peach and Toad (Super Mario Series)
Sega: Max Thunder (Streets of Rage 2)

That completes the Streets of Rage 2 roster (finally!), Super Mario Bros. 2, LJN’s X-Men game and Sega’s X-Men for the Genesis/Mega Drive. The Penguin sprite was the last character I needed to have one sprite or sprite edit of the original Super Powers figure lineup.

Mini-logos: Princess Peach (Super Princess Peach style) added to Nintendo section, Nightcrawler (’80s and Marvel Team-Up versions) added to Marvel section.

All of those things have been added to the Graphic Generators so you can make your own fun graphics and screenshots with them, too.

BTW: Anyone who knows where to find the old version of this section…

… can go there now and see the 90% finished redone version of it. I just couldn’t stand having the old version stinking up the joint any longer.

Here’s a list of everything that was in the comic book and superhero-themed updates for last week:

New M.U.G.E.N. stage: Iron Man’s Hall of Armor

GFX Generators

New characters:
DC Comics – Bizarro, Braniac, Harley Quinn, Lois Lane, Poison Ivy, Zod
Marvel – Super-Skrull
TMNT – Master Splinter, the Shredder
Data East – Chelnov/Atomic Runner
Namco – Bravoman
Updated characters:
Marvel – Spider-Man (black costume taunt sprite edit added), Storm (new punk rock sprite, 2 palettes added), Iron Man (Heroes Return era mini-logo added)
Toys and ‘Toons – G.I.JOE team updated with Snow Job sprite

GroupShot: All 12 TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) stages were added to the “Boxes, Flyer & Posters 160×192,” “Avatar 100×100,” and “Comics 88×136 pixels” styles in the GroupShot Generator. X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Capcom Secret Files) added to the 88×136 comic cover styles.

Custom Sprites – The sprites added to the generators have all been added to their respective Marvel, and galleries.

Custom Sprites – Sprites were added to the following galleries
DC – Lois Lane, Bizarro, Braniac, Zod, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy
Marvel – the Super-Skrull, Spider-Man sprite edit (black costume), Storm (punk outfit)
TMNT – Master Splinter and Shredder (’80s cartoon versions)
Snow Job – Snow Job v.1
Data East – Chelnov (improved from Saturday’s version, added an alternate version)
Namco – Bravoman

TMNT – TMNT arcade sprites added. Animated fighting stances of all 12 characters from Tournament Fighters (SNES) sprites added.

Mini-Logos – Bizarro (’80s), Brainiac (’80s), Despero (’90s), Lois Lane (original, early ’70s), Mera (’80s) added to DC. Iron Man (Heroes Return) added to Marvel.

Game Logos – TMNT Tournament Fighters (various versions) and Batman: Return of the Joker (NES) added.

Game Index – Captain America and the Avengers (Genesis), Spider-Man & the X-Men (SNES), TMNT IV (SNES) and Trojan (NES) added.

Vernacula-X – A few more terms were added and a few more terms were expanded. 1-UP, Versus Mode and Palette Swap were the most improved and now have small sprite or screenshot galleries.

G.I.JOE: Retaliation has hit theaters and the early word I’ve heard about it so far is positive. The movie looked far more G.I.JOE-like than the first movie (which wasn’t bad, but mismanaged a few characters) from the get-go, so here’s a small Joe-themed update to celebrate that.

Custom Sprites – Beach-Head, Firefly, Jinx (masked, unmasked and blindfolded), Zartan added to the G.I.JOE page.

Mini-Logos – G.I.JOE ARAH (with tiny tagline under the main logo), The early Japanese ARAH-style logo, Cobra (IDW), Action Force (yellow stencil, and ARAH-looking versions) and Dreadnok (from the 7 pack of figures) added to the G.I.JOE section.

GFX Generators – The following things were updated:

GroupShot: 88×136 Comic now has some of the Marvel G.I.JOE comic set-ups.
Characters: Cobra (IDW logo added), Dreadnoks (Zartan sprite added), Firefly (new, 1 sprite, 3 palettes), G.I.JOE (Beach-head v1 sprite added), Jinx (new, 3 sprites), Snake-Eyes (Marvel logo)

Sprites – G.I.JOE page added with the playable characters from the first NES game and some cinema gifs from the arcade game.

Game Index – Konami’s G.I.JOE arcade game was added to the index.

… Halloween… Halloween…

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Konami’s Castlevania hitting U.S. shores and invading unsuspecting NES systems around the country. With that in mind, this pre-Halloween update is really heavy with Dracula’s minions along with a Belmont to destroy them. Non-Castlevania fans still have some things to look forward to as other horror and monster-related sprites and things haunt this update.

GFX Generators – The following creatures and creature-fighters have been added to the mix:
Capcom: Anita (new!)
Jaleco: Avenging Spirit (new!)
Konami: Richter Belmont (new!), Medusa Head (new!), Castlevania creatures (Ghosts, Hunchback, Zombie)
Namco: Rick Taylor (now with palettes, including Mirror Rick and Wanpaku Graffiti), Biggy Man (new!)
Sega: Neff (new!)
An expanded version of my scratch-made Castlevania cover art recreation was added to the 384×224 Create-a-Scene screenstyles. You probably figured that out from the main screenshot, though. More Darkstalker backgrounds were added to those, too.

Custom Sprites –
Jaleco: Avenging Spirit
Konami: Richter Belmont (SotN style), Medusa Head, Ghosts, Hunchback, Zombie
Namco: Biggy Man
Sega: Neff (Altered Beast)

Mini-Logos – Capcom: Resident Evil. Data East: Night Slashers. Jaleco: Avenging Spirit. Konami: Richter (Belmont). Marvel: Ghost Rider

Expect a few more items to be added on Halloween day!

Mini-logos – Knights of the Round added to Capcom. Rush ‘n Attack (arcade/NES) added to Konami. Pac-Land added to Namco. Alien Syndrome added to Sega. Cyclops and Marvel Girl (original logos), Giant-Man added to Marvel. Harley Quinn added to DC.

These mini-logos were also added to the GFX Generators in the logical places.

Game Logos – Alien Syndrome, Blade Master, Knights of the Round (without the stone and sword), Rush ‘n Attack (arcade), ThunderJaws, Tiger Road, Time Soldiers added.

Game Index – Besides some coding changes, The King of Dragons (arcade) was added.

Custom Sprites – DNL added new sprites to his gallery. Check it out and be sure to browse his gallery on deviantART.

Sprites – There’s a new King of Dragons gallery with just the Player Select and ending sprites I added a few things to the Capcom World 2 gallery along with fixing that messed-up E. Honda portrait.

I’ve spent most of my time fixing errors and making small changes to the site. Either search engines or people had been linking to discontinued sprite gallery pages that were still on the site until I made a clean re-installation of everything. I added some links to the 404 page that will drive people to the gallery index pages. I’m still converting old galleries to the new style, so I apologize for the hiccups you might encounter there.

I’ll be taking a pause from updates during June. My brain is still a bit fried site overhauls, re-uploading and clearing the sites after getting hacked along with all the new material just to let you know that the site didn’t get killed off. I also need to get to work on some important artwork, the next Illmosis network site (which I was working on in March until the hacking happened). Luckily, July is the ScrollBoss site’s birthday month, so I’ll be secretly working on stuff for that. Teasers, previews and news will still appear in the site’s news feed here and the Tumblr.

GFX Generators – You can now choose the font and palette in certain screenstyles that allow user-input text. Not only does this add more palettes to the SFA3 font used in the old version, but it also adds 16 fonts of different sizes and a few have extra palettes as well. Not all of those fonts were complete and I filled in the gaps of missing symbols for a few fonts.

Updated styles: “Avatar 100×100” and “384×224 scenes + text” in the GroupShot generator now have selectable font options, including font palettes. Some of the Avatar 100×100 frames will adjust the text to be in a better or more accurate position. The Mega Man 1 boss square frame will put the font where it’d be in the real game and the Genesis box places the text closer to where a game logo would be. The “Boxes, Flyer & Posters 160×192” now has an X-Box 360 style frame.
New characters:The Beast (with portraits, mini-logo and X-Men Vs. screen name tag)
Updated characters: Anakaris (new sprite & palette), Felicia (new sprites), Iceman (more sprites), Lord Raptor/Zabel (new sprite), Marian (old 2002 KoF-style edit added), Strider Hiryu (added sprites & palettes), Sentinel (improved Mango Sentinel palette). The IREM character section was temporarily removed and Thomas/Vigilante was moved to the “Other Games” list (but he got the Vigilante and Japanese Spartan-X mini-logos for his trouble). All of the original Darkstalkers now have their vs. portraits from the first game.

Custom Sprites – There is a brand-new gallery thanks to custom sprite donations from DNL. Check out his gallery, then visit his deviantART page to find even more work.

Mini-Logos – Spartan-X added to IREM section. Streets of Rage (title screen style) added to Sega section. Double Dragon (arcade title screen style) added to Technos.

Game Index – Final Fight 2 (SNES) added.

I know that I had an update on Thursday, but I figured I’d add a few more things.

GFX Generators What’s new in addition to yesterday’s update.

Updated Characters: Yellowjacket sprite and Goliath mini-logo added to Ant-Man/Giant-Man character, Captain America (MSH GEM use pose), Hawkeye (new sprite edit), Hulk (new palettes, including Red Hulk), Iron Man (PROTON CANNON!!!). The Erik Josten version of Goliath (before he became Atlus) was added to the Other Villains character slot.

Custom Sprites: One new Yellowjacket (Pym) sprite, one new Hawkeye pose & improvements on Loki.

Mini-Logos: Goliath, Loki, Mandarin and Wasp. Those logos were added to their GFX Generator characters, too.

If this is the first update you’ve seen this week, check out this previous post to see the much bigger update with new things in it.

I hope you enjoyed these Avengers Week updates. I pretty much ran out of steam after my sinuses decided to explode on Thursday night, so I wasn’t able to make everything I planned to make. Have a good weekend!

Sorry for the small update, but it’s going to be like this for a while as I work on commission art projects and all the other crap you hear me rambling about. The commission job is a piece of cartoony artwork and that’s one of the reasons why most of the new sprites share a common theme.

Graphic Generators

New Characters: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Ghost Monsters and Pooka for Namco. Space Invaders for Taito.
Updated Characters: Thanos (sprites)

GroupShot – 160×192 Box tributes (“Red Top” NES and Tengen NES game boxes added along with some Pac-related backgrounds)

Custom Sprites – Ms. Pac-Man, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, Sue and Pooka (all scratch-made) added to the Namco page.


This is the biggest custom mini-logo update I’ve ever done. I typed up a big breakdown of new logos, including the numerous company-based logos, but that draft got lost. I’m not typing all of that again so look at the big preview pic. The preview pic doesn’t even show all the variations of the logos like the flat Sega logo, darker SF logo, and more.

BTW: A few of these mini-logos were made because people replied in the Request Line topic I posted last year. It took me a while to get to them, but they still, as R-Truth would say, got got.

Sprites – Bad Dudes page updated with new sprites, animations and a fixed version of Blade’s charge-up animation.

Minus World – I updated the Bootleg Wrestlers page with a Animal’s LOD-like taunt from Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja.

Another mini-update. 100% mini-logos!

Capcom: Forgotten Worlds
DC Comics: Black Lightning
Jaleco: Hachoo, Rushing Beat
Marvel Comics: Rocket Raccoon
Nintendo: Link (Zelda II style)
Square Enix: Moon Diver
SNK: Metal Slug, P.O.W., Psycho Soldier, Robo Army
Taito: Elevator Action, Elevator Action Deluxe, Kunoichi (Ninja Warriors & Ninja Warriors Again)
Technos: River City Ransom

Thursday’s update: Custom sprites (including two monster/horror themed sprites) and the GIANT GFX Generator update. Be ready!