This is the last of the “unpause” updates Check it:

GFX Generators – The main engine for this was upgraded a lot since the last update. The picture style options have been upgraded so much that a lot of separate picture styles that were almost the same (like the various 160×196 box/art/poster tributes)are now in one choice slot on the first menu. The engine is getting close to what I’d call version 1.00 but I still have many small things to iron out. Let’s get to the content.

New chars: Andy Bogard, Billy Kane, Blue Mary, Duke Edwards, Fio, Genjuro, Marco, “(more) Metal Slug characters,” Leona, Maxima, Rocky, Robert Garcia, Sie Kensou for SNK. Anakaris, Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta, Firebrand, Huitzel/Phobos, Lilith, Rikuo/Aulbath, Q-Bee, Sasquatch, Victor for Capcom. Metroid for Nintendo. Elevator Action spy for Taito. Riki, Sabu (Super Dodge Ball sprites) and Nekketsu/Kunio-Kun enemies (Shinji, Kenji and Misuzi in one character slot) for Technos. Black Lightning for DC Comics.
Updated chars: Andore/Hugo (added 2 sprites), Aquaman (new sprite), Iron Man (new MvsC3 armor edit), Kunio-Kun (SDG Neo Geo graphics added), Morrigan (MvsC taunt & Nurse edit), Phoenix (Classic Phoenix costume sprite), Robin (classic Dick Grayson sprite)

KoF/SvC sprites & sprite edits were added to:
Athena, Clark, Joe Higashi, King, Geese Howard, Haohmaru, Mai, Nakoruru, Ralf, Ryo, Terry Bogard for SNK, Andore, Balrog, Dan, Demitri, Chun-Li, Guile, Ken, M.Bison, Poison, Ryu, Sagat, Vega and Zero for Capcom. Billy & Jimmy Lee for Technos.
Samurai Showdown 5 sprites added to:
Haohmaru, Nakoruru

GroupShot styles merged: Boxes, Flyer & Posters 160×192 (merged version of the Capcom, Genesis, SNK and Konami boxes, Playstation 2 added), Create-a-Scene 384×224 (many scene boxes merged + new scenes), Justice League Task Force (bigger screen with Superman, Batman, WW, Aquaman & Darkseid sub-choices)
Vs.Maker styles updated: Create-a-Scene (384×224 pixels) (new background system)

Custom Sprites

Capcom: Firebrand (scratch-made hovering sprite)
Nintendo: Metroid (new scratch-made sprite)
Sega: Blaze Fielding (new sprite)
Taito: Elevator Action Spy (two scratch-made sprites)
Technos: improved KoF-style edits of Billy and Jimmy Lee
DC Comics: Scratch-made sprites of Black Lightning (90’s) and Robin (classic) and a new edit of Aquaman.
Marvel Comics: Iron Man (MvsC 3 armor), Phoenix (Classic)
PrimeOp: A new gallery with most of the scratch-made sprites I’ve created that aren’t completely embarrassing.

The site will update now semi-regularly but updates will be a bit light for a while. I have commission work to finish and another website to “start” **looks shifty** but I’ll have enough updates to keep you from thinking that this place is dead. You wouldn’t believe all of the things I didn’t get finished for this update.

Breakin’ News

Elevator Action Deluxe will be adding four DLC characters FOR FREE starting this week. First up? SAYO-CHAN from Kiki Kaikai/Pocky & Rocky! Hit up the official site to see who else will be joining in on the fun.

Anyone who likes to use create-a-character formulas to bring their favorite characters into other games should visit GameLabor, a new website with formulas for Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Soul Calibur III & Soul Calibur IV. There’s even a YouTube channel so you can see the creations in action.

Another mini-update. 100% mini-logos!

Capcom: Forgotten Worlds
DC Comics: Black Lightning
Jaleco: Hachoo, Rushing Beat
Marvel Comics: Rocket Raccoon
Nintendo: Link (Zelda II style)
Square Enix: Moon Diver
SNK: Metal Slug, P.O.W., Psycho Soldier, Robo Army
Taito: Elevator Action, Elevator Action Deluxe, Kunoichi (Ninja Warriors & Ninja Warriors Again)
Technos: River City Ransom

Thursday’s update: Custom sprites (including two monster/horror themed sprites) and the GIANT GFX Generator update. Be ready!

Site stuff: I’m still working on this site while doing character designs, logo work and other preparations for my own projects. Work on a new GFX Generator feature can be found in this weblog post and improvements to the Game Index section can be found in this post. A scratch-made sprite of DC’s Black Lightning was posted on Illmosis.

Breakin’ News

Elevator Action Deluxe, an update, remake and overhaul of Taito’s classic “Elevator Action” spy-shooter, is out on PSN today.

It’ll be a while before I can buy this one (gotta pay the website bill soon) but it looks sharp and sounds funky. I like how the in-game documents you steal are Taito documents like flyers that you can view in a gallery. The character designs have a Lupin-esque look mixed with the classic official artwork.

Between this and the criminally underrated Moon Diver, Square-Enix, who now owns Taito and it’s intellectual properties, has thrown some great old-schoolian love our way. I hope those of you who are angry about a lapse in a game series with more entries than most entire companies have games will take some time to support the companies that put work into projects like this when they really don’t have to.

Kotaku feature on classic Nintendo composer, Hip Tanaka
It’s just a short overview of the man’s work but it’s always good to see him get attention for his music. Do yourself a favor and don’t look at the comments section on that page. I’m serious.

Capcom-Unity: Rockman-Unity TOM-PON interview

Capcom-Unity has links to a translated and subtitled interview that Rockman-Unity had with TOM-PON, artist and background designer for some classic Capcom titles starting with Mega Man for the NES.
(Note: more posts and interview segments came out after I posted this so I’m updating this news post as they’re added)

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Let’s end this one on an high note, courtesy of Wizzy…