This isn’t an update but it’s important enough to put in the news section.

I’m going to be at the All AmeriCon convention in Warren, Ohio this weekend (May 2nd). I have a post on Illmosis with more info here. Even if you can’t buy anything, stop by and get that Illmosis party flyer that mentions ScrollBoss’ 10th birthday.

ScrollBoss has been quiet for a while because I’ve focused on making more drawn art for the convention. People who know the early days of this site may remember I did the same thing when getting ready for other conventions. They may also remember that I’d make sure that the following month would have crazy updates to make up for it and that’s how May is going to be here.. Do you like the Vs. Maker graphic generator? Then you’ll like it even more when you see one of the new features in the next update. What is it? See if you can figure it out from this screenshot:

May is going to be an active month here so be sure to keep an eye on the site.

The latest Illmosis update includes Tyris Flare finally being finished with a background and everything:

Tyris Flare on Illmosis

The gallery page on the site is here and is also on DeviantArt.

Sorry if things look a bit weird right now but my plan to update the layout, CSS and other things went awry like so much mad science. One good result is that things look a bit more consistent on every page. It’s not 100% yet but a lot of older pages finally got redone. I went into a few sections like the Tutorials got a bit of extra work to make the basics look nicer. I also remade the logos again. This new set turned out nice and crisp so I’ll probably stick with them for a while. One other new thing is the new Final Fight banner added to the main menu header rotation. The banners are randomly chosen but I stacked the list so that you’ll probably see it.

Meanwhile, I’m taking my time on coloring the Tyris Flare pic that I drew a while ago. Here’s another preview shot:

Don’t forget that Final Fight: Double Impact is available for X-Box Live and Playstation Network this week. You get fully enhanced versions of both Final Fight and Magic Sword with achievements, unlockable content, online co-op, remixed BGM, graphic filters and much, much more. If you have the system and the money, be sure to pick it up for all the pipe-swinging, lizardman bribing fun!