Graphic Generators
New Characters: Rocket Raccoon for Marvel. Charlotte, Galford, Hattori Hanzo, Jubei Yagyu, Kyoshiro, Shiki, Ukyo Tachibana for SNK. Donovan for Capcom. The Ox for Data East.
Updated characters: Strider Hiryu (added sprites including a pose in his original outfit + new UMvsC3 palettes)
Style updates: GroupShot 160×192 box (classic European Mega Drive box added), backgrounds added to the 384×244 pixel variable styles for the GroupShot and VsMaker screens

Mini-Logos – Strider (Genesis & EU Mega Drive cover) added to Capcom. Burning Fight and King of Fighters 98 added to SNK.

Custom Sprites – Rocket Raccoon was added to the Marvel page

Game Index – Alien vs. Predator (arcade), Rival Turf (SNES) added.

Breakin’ News

Sega is having a big sale on multiple classic (or classic-based) titles on PSN and X-Box Live. PSN has Golden Axe, SoR2 and Comix Zone on sale for $2.99 until November 29 while Live has SoR 2 and Phantasy Star 2 on sale for 200 MS points each from November 22 to November 28. There are other deals going on so check out their news post for details.

Shadi has updated his Arcade Quartermaster site with a lot of new game shrines for various Neo-Geo titles, CPSIII games and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. As always, Shadi comes up with inventive ways to use game graphics to make interesting shrines, so give his site a visit to see what he’s come up with this time!

Kiwi has written an article that I’m sure quite a few fans of older games will agree with. Check it out on his 2D Will Never Die site and prepare for a possible flashback when you get to the second paragraph.

BTW: I added a sprite of Nutroll, one of my own characters, to Illmosis earlier this week.

edit: Nutroll, with his new sprite and mini-logo, are now in the Graphic Generators.

Just in case you haven’t heard elsewhere, the man behind these graphics…

… and this incredible MUGEN stage for the classic Tower of Omens from ThunderCats

… finally has his own pixel art website with a very appropriate title.

2D Will Never Die

You’ll find some beautiful pixel art, tutorials, tips, links and some excellent articles about 2-D gaming. Those who are as inspired by Kiwi’s work as I am (hint: A LOT) should bookmark the new site and follow the site’s account on Tumblr to see pixel art from Kiwi along with many cool pixel art reposts. Those of us who know Kiwi have been hoping that he’d make a site like this for a long, long time and we knew he wouldn’t disappoint. He did a great job and I can’t wait to see what else he has planned for this site after an amazing start like this.