I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I wasn’t able to get a whole lot done because I was still sick for most of last week and a bit of this week. The good news: this update is all pixels.

Sprite Edits – This is probably the biggest update to the sprite edit area in a long time. It’s a mix of newness, old stuff that I forgot to add, stuff that I was holding back on and things that got fixed.

Capcom: Guy and Poison (an old sprite that I finally posted) along with Wooky and Eddy from Captain Commando (made by resizing, tracing and reshading their original sprites).

Technos: Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee and Chin Taimei added to the Double Dragon (Capcom-based) section.

Other Games: Rick Norton gets a jumpkick sprite as the Jaleco characters break off into their own section.

Marvel: the Punisher jumpkicks his way onto the page.

The new Chin Taimei, Punisher and Rick Norton jumpkick sprites were added to the rotation and that crappy Axel sprite edit I did was replaced by a better version.

Sprites – Some sprites and animations were added to the Captain Commando section.

Game Index – Nothing new except for a behind-the-scenes change that improved the date and compilation displays.

Breaking News

Just in case you haven’t heard the news, Udon now has the license to Final Fight! Characters will start to appear in the Street Fighter comic but let’s hope that Metro City’s finest and worst citizens get their own series or mini-series. Hell, I’d settle for a really good pamphlet. Just make sure that we get some Two.P and J up in there.

Click to see Official Udon Announcement Post

Of course the big, sad gaming news was the death of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, one of the many things that inspired this site. I have issue 2 and I’ll have to set a tribute page up in the near future.