Custom Sprites – Bred and Dug get two new sprites added to the Capcom page but there will be more. I’ll explain in a bit. A new Power Girl sprite edit was added to the DC gallery.

Logos – Avenging Spirit, Alien Storm, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Chinese Hero, Dark Seal, Joe & Mac, Kangaroo, Lady Master, Mappy, Magician Lord, Mutation Nation, Ninja Combat, Ninja Commando, Psycho Soldier, Strider (JPN & USA arcade, NES),

Mini-logos – Joe & Mac (separate logos, of course), Kage (the Legend of Kage), Kung-Fu Master, Mappy, Metroid (NES and Super Metroid style), Twinbee, the Punisher, Swamp Thing, She-Hulk.

So now there’s a Bred and Dug sprite on the Capcom custom sprite page. That normally wouldn’t be a big deal unless…

… I decided to make more. This is one of the things I posted a teaser image of a while back. I’m working on a Street Fighter Alpha-ish sprite set of Bred and a head-swapped Dug to go with it. I’m resizing arcade F.F. sprites by 112% and tracing the linework while giving it a more SFA look. Some poses, like the jump, are being redone altogether. This will not be an insanely fluid set of sprites although I am adding transition frames to every animation. This is a slow burn project since I’m also working on a comic book right now but expect Bred and Dug to be finished early this year. I already have a demo test of him using OpenBOR and I’ll try to make a video of this as soon as I can.

The Beats of Rage section, untouched for a long time, finally gets some new content to go with minor look upgrade.

Final Fight food

The Beats of Rage section gets a big new addition: all of the food and items from the arcade version of Final Fight. All of the bonus items have their proper scores and the food has already been calculated to fit the default 100 pixel long health bars in Beats of Rage and should work for games that use percentage health displays. There are instructions inside if you want to convert the food back to their original 144px. bar values. Item graphics were taken with Kawaks and are still in their original colors so you’ll have to apply your own palette. Please let me know if there are any problems with this set by replying in this news post.

Work continues on that boring behind-the-scenes crap that no one really cares about. The biggest project right now is the new graphic gallery script that will eventually replace all the old sprite pages. It has some nice little features in it including links to the Game Index. I’m still working on it but here’s a preview using the Alex Kidd page:
Image gallery test
This is the big reason why I’m not going to update the sprite galleries for a while since it’d make more work for me to convert the pages to the new gallery data style.

I’ve also been working on more of those rectangle graphics that you see in certain parts of the site.

200x100 pic200x100 pic200x100 pic200x100 pic

Here’s a look at something else I’ve been working on:
You remember what happened to his car so he HAS to walk everywhere.
Hey, that looks familiar too!