The new computer is finished thanks to tons of help from one of my friends who is currently in mysterious mode right now or else I’d say who it was. Slowly getting things sorted out while taking time to work on things including a full color version of that NES-style Radd Spencer pic.

Since there’s no update here this week, allow me to suggest that you check out the two new links I added:

Quartermaster (by Shadi from the Capcom Arcade Shrine)
Deathamster’s Nest

edit (2009/08/30):
Okay, maybe this is almost like an update. The Sprite Rip page now has a zip file with the small lifebar portraits from Final Fight One (including the Food and Point frames plus Poison, Roxy, Sid and Billy.

Also, that NES-style Radd Spencer pic I drew a while ago is now in full color on the Illmosis site.

(this is an archived news post)

I’m putting this site on pause until my new, non-freezing computer is finished. You may have read my whining about system lock-ups, freezes and so-such before but they really do kill a lot of my time and momentum when I either wait for the freeze to end or just reboot my system and open up all the multiple programs and folders again. I also planned to start putting videos together but it’s hard to do that when a random freeze can hit you while recording. A good friend has helped out with most of the parts for this system and I just got the DVD/CD burner from Newegg today. The wait shouldn’t be that long. I also need time to work on a comic but I’ll still be working a bit on ScrollBoss, too.

I’m fine-tuning that article I’ve been threatening to add to the Minus World for a few weeks now and it may be ready for the next update. If you know where to look, you’ve already seen artwork for it. I’m also working on new game section-based graphic boxes. Thanks to the freezes I mentioned earlier, many weren’t finished in time for the big update and I accidentally forgot to replace the placeholders on pages like the Capcom section. I fixed that yesterday. Here’s a few of those along with some I’ll be using for future sections and such:

I’ll try to have some cool stuff ready before the next update which will probably be in September. I may even give the month a theme which will be a secret until then.

Another addition was an widget at the bottom of the main menu’s side menu. Game purchases made by clicking through the links over there give me a referral fee that’d help offset the costs of running this place, mainly the paid site account. If you can’t find those collections locally and plan to buy them through Amazon, buying it through those widget links would help me and the site out a lil’ bit. No pressure but be sure to check your local game stores first, especially any independent spots in your area. They need the most help these days.

See you in September!

edit: My computer froze up about 6 minutes after posting this and I had to reboot.

(this is an archived news post)

MugenBoss – I’m guest-hosting some stuff that guys like Kiwi, Magus, WarmachineX (of the very cool Warmachine Madness board) and others did back in the day.

There’s nothing new here but the new stages include some stages based on Marvel and DC Comics, G.I.JOE and Masters of the Universe. There’s a page just for them in this link.

These stages and the ThunderCats Cat’s Lair stage that Kiwi and Shin Otaru did lead me to put together an index for stuff related to toys and cartoons. There are only three stages in that index now but I’m sure there’ll be more. Check out the page in this link. The Items Index page got a slight redesign and now links to the company-specific MUGEN indexes too.

Vs. Maker – New engine update includes… oval shadows:

Fancy, ain’t it? It’s not? Whatever. It works but only a few new test screenstyles use it since that part of the system still has a big rewrite coming.

New characters include Adam Hunter, Mr. X (Streets of Rage), Joker, Lex Luthor, the Flash, Martian Manhunter, Solomon Grundy, Star Sapphire.

Sprite Edits – I had to make at least two non-G.I.JOE sprite edits for the Toys and ‘Toons graphic used in it’s MUGEN index so I made He-Man and Lion-O. Those are on the brand-new Toys and Cartoons custom sprite page. The Flash, Joker, Lex Luthor & Solomon Grundy added to DC Comics page.

Mini-logos – Edi.E, Metamorpho, Mr. Fantastic, Mr. X, Lex Luthor, the Question, Scarlet Witch, Star Sapphire, Solomon Grundy, the Thing, Tyrant, Vision added.

Articles – The Game List was updated for the first time since last December. Along with some random stuff, I bought the first Midway and SNK compilations which will help in a future article I plan to write about why I love game compilations and why they’re great even in a DLC world.

Last week’s Illmosis update had an early version of something that you’ll see in the Minus World section sooner or later: Poison vs. Billy. Computer problems kept me from getting this fully colored and also slowed down work on everything else in this update. Unfortunately, the updates will continue to be small until things get fixed.