I did a lot of quick work on almost all of the site’s pages before resurrecting it after the recent hack attack. Some coding got smooshed here and there and a bit of it was sloppy, even if you couldn’t see it on the page. The pages are still being improved and updated bit-by-bit and you might even notice that a section your browsing suddenly gets upgraded when you go to the next page. That’s just me shoveling new pages onto the server and freaking you out.

PLEASE let me know if you run into any broken pages, broken images, broken links, horribly slow pages (especially the pages with a crapload of sprites) or anything like that by replying to this post. It’ll help if you let me know which browser you’re using and its version number (usually seen in the “About Browsername” option on the Help tab).

I’ll be back in about a week with that Avengers-based update.

First: if you don’t know what happened last week, please read the top part of this earlier post.

This isn’t really a content update (though a few new things probably slipped through), but I’ve made some adjustments to a lot of the site pages. Nearly every page on the site has been modified somehow. Some of it is that behind-the-scenes crap that only I could care about, but a few pages should look better and fit in better with the rest of the site. A few things (mostly images) are broken and I’ll try to fix them as I sort all this mess out. There are a few new things:

Sprites – New animations were added to the Magic Sword page (including an animated Black Orb). Crime Fighters and Vendetta now have separate gallery pages and the Vendetta page has a few new graphics.

The next content update will probably be on the week of May 5th. Yeah, you know where I’m going with this. There won’t be a ton of sprites, but the update will be very Avengers-centric. There will be another comic-related update after that and that Golden Age of Video Games update I mentioned months ago will hit at some point after that.

Thanks for coming back to the site!

This site was the victim of a hacker attack a few days ago. Anyone who visited this site in the past month should have their system checked. I scrubbed out the sub-domain, re-uploaded everything from the clean site backup I have and did a few more security-related things before opening the site again. A few images are broken for now, but nearly everything seems to be working correctly. The site may go down temporarily a few times before I announce the return. I need to have the site open for take care of a few more things. Please let me know (leave a comment here) if you run into any issues while on the site.

I apologize for any inconveniences and problems this site has caused you and I thank you for coming back.

EDIT (April 19, 2012): Okay, it looks like the site access problems have been straightened out now.

The rest of this post is just edits about the speeds and the time they happen.

The big news this week is that the Lee Brothers have officially been reinstated!

The game will be developed by WayForward and digitally distributed by Majesco. This doesn’t seem to be a complete rehash and seems to be upping the 80’s factor on this one. Some of the art in that story I linked to up there looks a bit like Genzoman’s style, but I haven’t seen anything official on that yet. I’ve seen some user complaints about the game’s speed in the YouTube comments (I know, I know), but the Double Dragon series was NEVER a series for the twitch-freaks. Dig out your copy of Super Double Dragon if you think I’m BS’ing you. WayForward’s involvement with this gives me hope, so I’m definitely looking forward to this revival.