So, what’s new? Nearly the entire website. I’ve spent bits of the last four months having to get this site (and and Beans vs. Cornbread) ready for a server upgrade. That’s a nice way of saying “fixing up my old crappy code with new less-crappy code,” along with replacing depreciated programming that’d either carpet the site with warnings or make the entire website doo-doo on itself. The Image Generators were the toughest to fix, they’re more complex than the rest of this site, Illmosis, and BvsC put together, multiplied by five with cheese on top. To be honest, I spent a lot of time making sure this website keeps working and make sure it looks almost exactly the same. So what’s really new? Almost nothing. I’ll still have to keep an eye out for errors, so please let me know if you find any.

Custom Sprites: separated gallery pages for ESWAT, Kiki Kai Kai (Pocky and Rocky), and Taito’s Ninja Warriors. Also added today:
Gain Ground (new gallery): redrawn sprite of Betty
Pengo (new gallery): Pengo (and friends), Sno-Bees
– Marvel Comics: a new scratch-made Hawkeye sprite in his Avengers #189 cover pose, (drawn by John Byrne) to replace the old Capcom sprite edit

ToyBoss/Toybox: You can now see the new header for this section that would’ve been part of last week’s update, but wasn’t seen until now because part of its code was tied into the all-around site coding update.

(edit 2023 September 5th): All of these were added to the GFX Image Generators where you can make images like the one at the top of this post and this one…

… which mentions that I’ve added new colors to the ‘ScrollBoss bunnysuit ladies’ extra palettes, including some all-new skin colors, and even added a new ‘lipstick’ extra palette to let you choose that. Getting the image generators to work was probably the hardest task in redoing this site’s code, and I rewrote a lot of the extra palette code from scratch, so adding a bunch of new colors to the bunnysuit ladies seemed like a fun way to celebrate (and push the limits of the feature). Characters with that feature now have a special section near the top of the character list, too. Now that I know it works on the rewritten site, I’ll be adding the feature to more characters in future updates.

I know what some of you are thinking. “One of those sprites seems a bit out of place.” Well, just consider it a preview for something else I’ve been working on this year.

Elsewhere, Arcade Quartermaster’s new shrines of the month are in: Gang Wars (Alpha Denshi/ADK) and Caveman Ninja (Data East). Weird timing, because Shadi planned this out way in advance, at the same time I was working on this year’s Revenge of 1989 update with sprites of Jackie and Mike from Gang Wars.

July 23rd 2023:
I’m making a post here to track progress on the site code work needed this year.

The announcement that the site host was upgrading the servers came right after I agreed to do commission work that took a bit over a month to finish and two months before the 23rd site anniversary. After completing the paid pixel work, I started seeing what could be done with this site’s most popular corner: the Graphics Section. I got everything (other than the graphics generators) working and the only bug I haven’t been able to fix is one that will repeat a picture or line of text in a gallery function. The image generators are probably more complex than every other part of the site put together, and I’ve only got them to a point where the simplest screenstyle, the 3-character MvC group shot, works. I mostly put that work on hold and started cooking up the 23rd anniversary update, which was much smaller than it would’ve been if I didn’t have to do this recoding. But I still chipped away at the image generators enough so that I could test the new characters’ basic features on my new work copy of the site. I also got the ToyBoss section re-coded, because it’s so self-contained that I could update and upload it to the web now and it wouldn’t mess up anything else. Also, the Minus World section was fixed because it’s just as self-contained and barely more complex than the version that was on Angelfire back in the early 00’s.

After July 19th update with the 23rd anniversary newness, I started working on the Info Center when I should probably be taking a break. During a site rewrite about 6 years ago, I merged a bunch of redundant features of those separate areas, and a few other parts of the site, into one system, so it’d be less of a pain the next time I had to upgrade things. Thanks, PrimeOp from 6 years ago, that was a good idea. Anyway, I just finished the entire Info Center a few minutes ago, so I’m going to spend the rest of this Sunday making progress on a custom action figure (she’s both comic-related and game-related), EXP-grinding in SF 6’s World Tour Mode, looking at the SDCC action figure pics in awe, and finally getting some rest.


I did a lot of quick work on almost all of the site’s pages before resurrecting it after the recent hack attack. Some coding got smooshed here and there and a bit of it was sloppy, even if you couldn’t see it on the page. The pages are still being improved and updated bit-by-bit and you might even notice that a section your browsing suddenly gets upgraded when you go to the next page. That’s just me shoveling new pages onto the server and freaking you out.

PLEASE let me know if you run into any broken pages, broken images, broken links, horribly slow pages (especially the pages with a crapload of sprites) or anything like that by replying to this post. It’ll help if you let me know which browser you’re using and its version number (usually seen in the “About Browsername” option on the Help tab).

I’ll be back in about a week with that Avengers-based update.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that I have paid artwork assignments to finish and I don’t have a lot of extra time to work on the site. The second is that I’d like a bit of time to actually play games again now that I have a PS3. The biggest reason is that I’d like to make a nice Thanksgiving weekend update and I’ll have the vacation days to do just that. The “Superhero” update I had planned will probably be scaled back and happen during this next update and will include that DC villain I have a preview shot of over there. Sorry for the wait but I’ll try to make up for it.

EDIT: (2010 November 14, 3:24 AM) – I just noticed that the so-called improvements I made to the GFX Generators in the last update also glitched up the minilogo screenstyles in the Vs. Maker. That is now fixed and I apologize for the errors.

MugenBoss – I’ve been promising to improve MugenBoss’ look for years but never came up with anything I liked until now. There will be a few more things added in July but I really wanted to get the basics out there now to see how they look. Honestly, MugenBoss had been ugly long enough.

Vs. Maker Seeing as how I almost burnt myself out working on this last week, this update is really small. Thor got another sprite and another color set while Strider Hiryu’s palette was modified to include his helpers (options) which let me add another win pose.

Time for another two-color preview sprite:

You’ll see that whole sprite along with other scratch-made sprites, sprite edits and much more when the Anniversary updates kick in starting on July 19th.

edit: oddly enough, the hit counter was at 99500 when I originally posted this update and it went by twenty by 8 PM EST. I’m curious if the 100000th hit will be before or after July 19th. “Hmmm. I wonder. Oh well.”

Don’t expect more than one medium-sized update for the site in April. I need to get some artwork ready for the All-Americon Convention in Warren, Ohio on May 2nd. I’m still putting some big code rewrites together for the site along with working on some projects that you may like.

The people who have checked out the Bred SFA-style sprite set seem to like it. No one even complained about the kick and even I complain about that! A Dug sprite set will be added to the site in May with Jake and Simmons showing up a bit after that. I wonder who will be the first person to put them in a project.

Don’t be surprised if you see the look of the site randomly change a bit here and there. I’m slowly fixing a lot of things and the site will eventually have one completely solid look before getting a slight 10th anniversary update.

You know that Movie Poster graphic on the index page and the Jumping Side Kick graphic on many of the regular pages? Those will be gone some time this year. Here’s a preview of what will be replacing the Side Kick Pics:

Those aren’t the final version but it’ll look something like that. Expect to see lots with the original games along with re-created scenes, some crossover pics and a few surprises.