Don’t expect more than one medium-sized update for the site in April. I need to get some artwork ready for the All-Americon Convention in Warren, Ohio on May 2nd. I’m still putting some big code rewrites together for the site along with working on some projects that you may like.

The people who have checked out the Bred SFA-style sprite set seem to like it. No one even complained about the kick and even I complain about that! A Dug sprite set will be added to the site in May with Jake and Simmons showing up a bit after that. I wonder who will be the first person to put them in a project.

Don’t be surprised if you see the look of the site randomly change a bit here and there. I’m slowly fixing a lot of things and the site will eventually have one completely solid look before getting a slight 10th anniversary update.

You know that Movie Poster graphic on the index page and the Jumping Side Kick graphic on many of the regular pages? Those will be gone some time this year. Here’s a preview of what will be replacing the Side Kick Pics:

Those aren’t the final version but it’ll look something like that. Expect to see lots with the original games along with re-created scenes, some crossover pics and a few surprises.

There isn’t a lot of new stuff in this update but a whole lot of work went into it.

Custom Sprite Downloads – the “SFAlpha” style Bred sprite set has been added to the Custom Sprite Download page. Yes, an entire set of sprites! There will be future updates to the set, just like the other sets on the page, but it has everything you need to bring Bred into a CPS2 Capcom fighter-scale fan game.

Sprites – The slightly new overall look for the main sprite galleries are done. There is still a lot to fix but all the main stuff is in there. Each gallery now has a box at the top with things like Game Index links. Many of the gallery layouts are just copies of the older versions but some have the more unified style that they’ll all have when they’re done. The games that had a few sprites on a company’s sprite hub page now have their own pages. The upcoming screenshot galleries use the same engine and will hit later this year.

Custom Sprites – The Capcom page gets recreations of Bred’s “OH MY GOD!” and “OH MY CAR!” sprites and the Strider Hiryu sprites that used to be on the Strider sprite page.

Graphics – Other – Bred’s word balloons were added.

You’ll also start to see a slightly different version of the ScrollBoss logo in most areas. I remade the whole font again and you’ll see more of that when I start to remake other logos for the site. That’s all for now. If you’re trying out the Bred sprite pack and want to leave some feedback about it, feel free to reply in this topic. I need to know if the format I’m using works for people before I put the Dug pack together.

I almost forgot about this other stuff that happened in-between updates:

First, check out two pics I added to Illmosis:
Tyris Flare in a fighting stance Douglas Bild from Rushing Beat Ran in his select screen pose.
That’s right. Douglas Bild from Brawl Brothers and Rival Turf in full color along with Tyris Flare in base color mode (coloring without shading).

The second thing is from someone awesome that you probably know about already, Rinry of Rinry Game Game. Check out this video and you may see something… familiar :)

Thanks, Rinry and Jot!

I finally got a video together of Bred in action using OpenBoR as a test engine:

This sprite test is still using early versions of a few sprites including the punch with a botched transition animation. It’s hard to play and purposefully get hit and it’s even harder to get close enough to Bred to make him do that knee strike, the main attack that I like in the set. The first version of the sprite set should be available later this month.

BTW: No, I’m not making a mod for OpenBoR. It’s just really great and easy for testing animations as they’d work in a game.

I updated Illmosis earlier today with an animation that will be on ScrollBoss in the next udpate (whenever that is):

I still don’t know when the whole set of sprites will be ready but I’m getting close to the end of it. Here’s a shot of a transition sprite I’m adding between the original falling pose and the knocked-out pose:

An in-progress pic of Bred's falling-to-KO transition frame.