There have been some minor adjustments to the sidemenu navigation including the new Info Center page that leads to the Game Index, Company Index, S-Files, Vernacula-X and information-related things like that.

GFX Generators New characters to celebrate the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: She-Hulk, Tron Bonne and Taskmaster (with a new sprite edit). Captain America has new palettes.

Custom Sprites – She-Hulk and a new Taskmaster taunt sprite added to the Marvel gallery.

Sprites – New Denjin Makai page started with a few sprites of the heroes along with their pictures from the intro and their portraits. Villains and more will be added in a future update then I’ll move on to finally getting some Guardians/DM2 stuff here. Added two six-player cinema graphics to the X-Men (Konami arcade) gallery.

Sprite Rip Downloads – MrGrill247 kindly passed along some more rips made by Makron in the form of some background parts from Guardians/Denjin Makai II.

Logo Index – Four Denjin Makai series logos (Denjin Makai, Denjin Makai II/Guardians and Ghost Chaser Densei), two Shock Troopers (parts 1 and 2) and one Earthworm Jim added.

Mini-logos – Tron Bonne added to the Capcom section and Taskmaster added to the Marvel section.

Game List – Another surprise gift leads to a new addition to the list: Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The She-Hulk and Taskmaster sprites were done before I got it so I had to use video stills for pose reference. Reference should be a bit easier for me now.

Wizzy, creator of authentic-sounding CPS2-style remixes and original music that can go toe-to-toe with Capcom’s BGM’s, has an announcement:

As the Tiny Titans would say, “AW YEAH MAN!” Hit the video’s page for more details and download links while remembering to subscribe to his channel. You won’t be sorry, my friends.

Also, Happy Gaming, I mean, Happy Belated Birthday to Rinry of RinryGameGame!

Sorry for the taking so long to get this update but technical difficulties held it back for one week so I decided to keep adding things to make up for that wait.

GFX Generators – The first thing you’ll notice is that they’ve de-uglified. They share a new layout template lets me make changes to any generator using that engine by working on one file. I didn’t want to improve on the generators’ look until I had that mod in place. You can now disable individual characters in the second menu of the GroupShot generator. Finished pictures now have a timestamp at the end of the file’s name so you can save multiple images on a devices that won’t let you change file names or make it a pain to do so. No one complained about it but I’m all about trying to figure out problems before they happen. The character update isn’t that deep this time but you’ll find lots of new screenstyles and most have secondary options for more backgrounds. I also ironed out a minor big in the GroupShot that messed up the placement of some characters. Those adjustments made many of these newly-added GroupShot game box tributes possible.

GroupShot Maker styles: Kenner’s Super Powers toy card, Capcom’s first and third NES box designs (with many background options), old Konami NES box (with a scratch-made Castlevania background) and SNK NES box.
New characters: Black Canary, Goemon (Konami), Phoenix/Jean Grey (with X-Men CotA name graphic)
Characters updated: Arthur (G’nG) gets a new sprite edit and a fixed sprite, Athena (new sprite), Clark & Ralf (Ikari Warriors minilogo), Darkseid (white logo from Super Powers card) and the Shadow Warriors from Double Dragon (currently just Jeff, Linda, Roper and Willy).

(Update Feb. 5, 2011: Magic Sword hero is fixed with a new Magic Sword mini logo along with being added to the Vs.Maker)

Sprite Index – Enemies and Ending pic added to Burning Fight page.

Custom Sprites – Improved Linda (Double Dragon) sprite edits.

Game Index – Burning Fight (Neo-Geo) and E-SWAT (Arcade) added. Growl (Arcade) updated.

Mini Logos – Black Canary, Darkseid (white logo), Goemon, Ikari Warriors, Phoenix, Shadow Warriors (Double Dragon) added. I also remembered to add Green Arrow’s ’70s and ’80s logos.

Game List – I forgot to add Bionic Commando: Rearmed last time after buying it for the PS3 but it’s added now.

My eyeballs are a bit fried after this one so it will be a while before the next update. I hope you enjoy the update and leave a reply if there are any box tributes or backgrounds you’d like to see. I can’t promise to get them done but I’ll try.