Back in late April, I finally finished the new system I’ve been buying parts for since mid-2020.

The old to the new

Trusty old system on the left, sparkly new system on the right.

This is the first PC I ever built from start to finish. Thankfully I bought my CPU, a Ryzen 5 3400G, last year, because you know how prices on anything graphics-related went and stayed through the roof. Still need another 8GB of RAM, but I’ve already got old program and games running at speeds and visual settings higher than I’ve ever seen.

I re-rendered a sprite display clip (Iron Man in the Hall of Armor background) in Blender on the new system in minutes instead of the hour+ it took back in January on my older system. Still need to install Vegas on the new system, but I expect video renders to pop off at similar ludicrous speeds. Still have to find my installation disc for Anime Studio 10 Pro and check into whether or not that program works in Windows 10, because the only update that’ll work for that programs permanently locks it to that computer (change of ownership, long story). I hope this means I can make more videos once I get all this straightened out.

Posted on other sites, forgot to post it here on “National Superhero Day”

Someone commented that I should make a print like this. If you agree, let me know, because this version was super-rushed after work (forgot to put Thor and some others in there).

My drawing hand feels better, but not great. I did a little pixel work last week to ease back into the groove.

she's drivin' me out of my mind

she’s drivin’ me out of my mind

heads-up: BigBadToyStore has some Storm Collectables back in stock, including those Golden Axe 2 skeletons: Page right here. Shout out to Preternia for the alert on Twitter!