The commission work I mentioned in the May update, spriting key frames of 18 animated background characters for a fan project that I’ll reveal once I’m told it’s okay to do that, was finished on Sunday. Another artist will be adding frames, smoothing things out, etc. Can’t wait to see how they look in the game!

Now to today’s newness I made A LOT of G.I.JOE-related pixelart last year because it was the 40th Anniversary of G.I.JOE: A Real American Hero, possibly my favorite toyline ever. Two of the characters I didn’t have a chance to sprite then are getting sprites on the last day of Yo Joe June: fan-favorite Shipwreck (with Polly) and an all-new Zandar to replace the old Capcom-based sprite edit.

Both are in G.I.JOE Custom Sprites gallery and the Image Generator.

So now I’m back to trying to get this website ready for the site host upgrade, using a copy of the site on my hard drive to test in the new conditions. The good news: I already have 8 of the 9 areas of the Graphics Section ready for the upgrade with one weird bug I can work around. The bad news: the one section that doesn’t work yet is the Image Generators. In less than a week I’ve got the menus’ main functions working and some very simple screenstyles rendering, but it’s far from stable. So I have some big decisions to make about the generators’ future.

This site’s 23rd birthday is on July 19th, 2023. So the first decision I’m making is to pay extra to delay the site upgrade until August just so the site can be up and running through the site’s birthday month and make new things to show on the anniversary. So let’s party during the anniversary and I’ll see how things look in August. Just be sure to enjoy that update before August because there’s a good chance that at least part of the site will be down for a while, though it’s likely the non-generator parts of the Graphics Section can be still be accessed.

Jada Toys’ Ultra Street Fighter II Ryu and Fei Long figures are in stores now, and I got my pre-order from BigBadToyStore last week.

Ryu and Fei Long

Ryu and Wolverine in 1:12 scale form

Ryu and Wolverine in 1:12 scale form

These figures are great and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the Street Fighters (Chun-Li will be out later this year) and the upcoming Mega Man like turn out.