One last bit of business before the DangerTerrorHorrorThon is done haunting the site for this year. If you’re a regular visitor, you probably knew that the only thing left was a new video, but I hope you still get some surprises out of this one. You already got a clue about one earlier in the HorrorThon. Happy Halloween!

The fear is here once again! Here’s the first update:

Custom Sprites:
Castlevania: Shaft and Ghost Shaft
Resident Evil: Licker
Splatterhouse: Rick Taylor/Mirror Rick pose, and the other Revival Dead zombie
Horror: Freddy Krueger, Toxic Avenger

Stay tuned, there’s one small update coming later tonight!

The fear is here once again! Here’s the first update:

Custom Sprites:
Monster Party: new separate gallery with a redrawn Mark
Ghosts ‘n Goblins series: PrinPrin and Unicorn
Horror: Rosemary (Demoni/Demons)
Golden Axe: improved the 2019 Skeleton sprites and gave them their own gallery. You’ll see why later.

The Dire and Bette channel recently had a live roundtable about the Ghosts ‘N Goblins series hosted by Dire and featuring Sotenga, ArcnarenthJim, and Dain

Next time, on the horror thon…

October’s here and the creepy times have begun, so I’m making some additions, improvements, and whatnot before the HorrorThon returns at the end of the month.

Custom Sprites – Friday the 13th: The part 6: Jason Lives version of Tommy Jarvis has been added to the gallery, including a version with a rifle on his back like “Friday the 13th: the Game.”

GFX Generators: More minor fixes, including things that only caused errors in the test version of generator on my hard drive and a layout message that basically said “Remove this text once you switch folder names.” *shrugs* Hey, I told you that site work tired me out! Here are some fun new things:

Zombies (Illmosis): I moved the zombie sprite from “Monsters (Illmosis) to its own character slot just to make it less confusing where you can find that zombie sprite in the generator, and the first “shadows” option in the extra palettes should work correctly now. I also added more extra palette options (flesh, shirt, and lower cloth) so you can fully customize how it looks.

Last but not least, I’ve got another short video for you featuring most of my Friday the 13th pixel art. It doesn’t have enough to be its own Sprite Showcase yet, but it’s REALLY close now. It’s almost like the video I posted on social media earlier this year, but all the shots except for the NES roster clip have been updated and a brand-new shot to close out the video.

See you later this month for… well, you know.