I’m taking a 96% pause from fan art to be added until the SOPA/ProtectIP crap rolls through, so I’m concentrating on sharpening up a few site-related things.

GFX Generators – Sprites now have a “Direction” option. Default is the direction that the screenstyle wants the sprites to face (like a Vs Screen with P1 facing normally and P2 having a horizontally-flipped sprite).

sprite direction demo

Default is how the screen suggests the sprites should be pointed. Normal had the sprite facing its original direction and Reverse flips the sprite horizontally. Screen Opposite causes the sprite to face the opposite direction that Default would make it face.

The Minus World – The Bootleg Wrestlers feature just got a big update with a better design, added wrestler references and more. I was supposed to do this last year, but it got lost in the shuffle.

Tutorials – The article I made in 2008 about browsers’ forced anti-aliasing turning sprites into pixel diarrhea has been rewritten and moved to the tutorial section. You can find it right here. I also replaced the game sprites with my own pixel art so the page can stay up after any of those IP bills become law.

A new site has been added to the Quick Links on the side navigation: NXISTENCE.NET. Anyone who wants to read articles about gaming but don’t want the annoying schmucky smarm or baseline idjitry of commons sites need to check them out. The site is run by good people, so go give that place some love!

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A Friendly reminder: ScrollBoss will be shut down if any of those bass-ackwards IP bills become law here in the U.S., so download the pack before this stuff is gone from the internet.