The excellent recently added an interview with Chris Bergstresser, former Sega production manager who worked on the Sega Channel. He currently runs Vector Entertainment and their Vector City Racers game. The Sega Channel did in the 1990’s what X-Box Live does now: send video games to your video game machine box through an interbutt connection.

This news source can’t possibly be more appropriate as spreads the word that the upcoming Atari Flashback 2+, a plug-and-play Atari 2600 with 40 built-in games, can be pre-ordered from Atari at this link for $29.99. There’s a beautiful bonus item of an Atari t-shirt with a 2600 on it. Seeing as how some places on the internet will try and charge that price just for a “distressed” t-shirt alone, that’s not a bad deal at all.

Whip Ass Gaming has been on an update rampage so furious that I’m not even going to tell you what was added because something may get added as I type this. Just look for yourself and be sure to check out the Sound{e}scapes section.

Last, but not least, GM Spectre posted another new character teaser for the next update of his King of Fighters XX fighting game based on the UFGE engine. The game is an insane mixture of KoF, old-school gaming characters and internet memes that gets iller every time GM posts something new. The latest video is no exception:

Meanwhile, I’m still fishing through links on the site and replacing old Gamespy/ClassicGaming and GeoCities links. I fixed a few more tonight but it’s still going to be like “the rest of the broken glass” in that I’ll probably be finding more every time I try to clean up.

July 19th, 2010 will be the 10th Anniversary of ScrollBoss. I’m going to warn you right now that the first few updates of this year will probably be boring with very few sprites, sprite edits and things like that. The main reason is that I’m working on upgrades for sections of the site and you’ll see a bit of that in this update. The other reason… is something I’m not ready to announce yet. Here’s the newness of this update.

ScrollBoss Blog – The new ScrollBoss web log (powered by WordPress) will be getting a workout by serving as a blog, an eventual feedback outlet for things and the new engine for the site update news posts. If you’re reading this on ScrollBoss’ main menu, you’re really reading the weblog. The good news is that I can copy the old news posts and use their old dates to keep everything in order. The bad news is that I don’t think I can copy the responses. That old news (and responses) will be archived on the Old News page. The MugenBoss index page also got this update but it still looks ugly overall. That’s one of the sections I’ll be working on this year because the header is too damned fugly.

Tips and Cheats – The entire section has been modified to not suck as much. Each tip now has a link to the game’s index page if it exists. Added tips for Contra (NES), SoR3, Final Fight (SNES), Sonic Blast Man (SNES). Nothing that you couldn’t get from any decent code site but I may as well have it here too. I’m also trying to use more accurate tip descriptions like the Sonic Blast Man code that is always described as a level select even though it’s not.

Game Index and 1989 – Another code rewrite shows up on the Game Index’s main page and the 1989 Game List. Ninja Gaiden (NES), Sonic Blast Man added and the 1989 Game List was updated.

Logos – Sonic Blast Man added.

Mini-logos – Bayou Billy, Emma Frost, Vigilante (IREM) added.

Don’t even ask me how this blog is going to work because everything that I start mutates on it’s own. It’s mostly for posting ScrollBoss and MugenBoss updates but there will be some gaming news if it relates to the types of games featured on the site like side-scrollers, beat-em-ups, etc. I’ll try to kick out some fan game news here too. One thing that will definitely be here are posts where I preview things I’m working on for the site. I may even kick out some early versions of things for people to test out or just have fun with. It’ll be a secret since I’m pretty sure no one will read this frickin’ thing. But still.

All of the posts before this one are archived versions of old website updates. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get all of the old ones added. There is a grand total of 208 posts using the CuteNews system and that doesn’t count the 3 years of update posts I typed right onto mainmenu.html. Yes, I still have some of those saved somewhere.