January 23rd, 2010

The excellent Sega-16.com recently added an interview with Chris Bergstresser, former Sega production manager who worked on the Sega Channel. He currently runs Vector Entertainment and their Vector City Racers game. The Sega Channel did in the 1990’s what X-Box Live does now: send video games to your video game machine box through an interbutt connection.

This news source can’t possibly be more appropriate as AtariAge.com spreads the word that the upcoming Atari Flashback 2+, a plug-and-play Atari 2600 with 40 built-in games, can be pre-ordered from Atari at this link for $29.99. There’s a beautiful bonus item of an Atari t-shirt with a 2600 on it. Seeing as how some places on the internet will try and charge that price just for a “distressed” t-shirt alone, that’s not a bad deal at all.

Whip Ass Gaming has been on an update rampage so furious that I’m not even going to tell you what was added because something may get added as I type this. Just look for yourself and be sure to check out the Sound{e}scapes section.

Last, but not least, GM Spectre posted another new character teaser for the next update of his King of Fighters XX fighting game based on the UFGE engine. The game is an insane mixture of KoF, old-school gaming characters and internet memes that gets iller every time GM posts something new. The latest video is no exception:

Meanwhile, I’m still fishing through links on the site and replacing old Gamespy/ClassicGaming and GeoCities links. I fixed a few more tonight but it’s still going to be like “the rest of the broken glass” in that I’ll probably be finding more every time I try to clean up.

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