I’m still incredibly busy with commission work, so I didn’t have the time to make a big Avengers update to celebrate the DVD/Blu-Ray release. I was able to cook up some quick “Marvel Essentials” frames for the 160×192 and 100×100 styles in the GroupShot Generator.

Full updates will start again in late October. Be ready!

Breakin’ News

Taito’s official YouTube channel posted a YouTube preview of COZMO, ZUNTATA’s upcoming album which celebrates their 25th Anniversary.

ZUNTATA is a band consisting of Taito’s amazing musicians who also perform live music live on stage. Just search for ZUNTATA on your video site of choice and you should be able to find some live performance clips and rips of their music from the games themselves or the CD soundtrack releases. Their Japanese site is here.

A trailer for Midway Arcade Origins was posted on the EGM site by AntDaGamer. Though the full game list isn’t out there yet, that “T for Teen” rating of the game has a Drug Reference warning possibly points to the inclusion of Narc. The early part of the trailer also has an obvious hint about another unannounced game. It’ll be interesting to see which games make the cut this time.

Breakin’ News

Joystiq reports that there will be a Midway Arcade Origins compilation of over 30 games for $30 for PS3 and X-Box 360. Don’t forget that Midway acquired the libraries of The game list in the press release mentions Defender, Gauntlet, Joust, Marble Madness, Rampage & Spy Hunter. Multiplayer modes will be local only, but there will be trophies and online leaderboards so the rest of the planet can make you feel crappy about the scores you’d normally be okay with. Backbone Entertainment will be doing the emulation duties again, so this thing is in good hands. Honestly, the extras like artwork and developer interviews are one of my favorite things about game compilations and I’d be happy if they just re-used some of the videos they included with the Midway Arcade Treasures series. Games like Gauntlet and Rampage that allow more than two players should be much more interesting now that these comps are on machines that don’t need multitaps. Midway’s Tapper actually shows up in the upcoming Wreck-it-Ralph’s, so maybe they’ll think of including that one, too.

Just in case you hadn’t heard about Keiji Inafune’s new game with the interesting concept and premise:

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z by All-Games-Beta

Here’s the Project X Zone video with all kinds of Capcom, Namco and Sega characters in crazy-go-nuts mode combat mode:

Breakin’ News

Double Dragon Neon (and its playable demo) is now in the Playstation Store and X-Box Live. I played the demo for a few minutes (I’m still working on commission stuff and don’t have much time right now) and dug it. Most of the reviews for it seem to be positive, though the main negative review so far is so badly written that it’s already being mocked. Remember the early slack-assed reviews of Moon Diver that called it a mindless platformer but complained about how easy it is to die because they played it like a mindless platformer? Yeah, there’s a bit of that going around with this one. Still, most people seem to be digging it.

Learn more at the official website for the game and give the demo a shot while remembering that dodging and countering is just as important as blocking and countering was in Super Double Dragon.

BTW: Jake Kaufman’s soundtrack, filled with classic D.D. remixes and stunning eighties-ness, is up on BandCamp.
Double Dragon Neon soundtrack
Imagine that there was a pilot for a live-action Double Dragon TV show in the 80’s that would’ve aired at 10 PM on NBC or CBS. That’s what the remix of the main theme sounds like and I’m beyond okay with that.