Breakin’ News

Taito’s official YouTube channel posted a YouTube preview of COZMO, ZUNTATA’s upcoming album which celebrates their 25th Anniversary.

ZUNTATA is a band consisting of Taito’s amazing musicians who also perform live music live on stage. Just search for ZUNTATA on your video site of choice and you should be able to find some live performance clips and rips of their music from the games themselves or the CD soundtrack releases. Their Japanese site is here.

A trailer for Midway Arcade Origins was posted on the EGM site by AntDaGamer. Though the full game list isn’t out there yet, that “T for Teen” rating of the game has a Drug Reference warning possibly points to the inclusion of Narc. The early part of the trailer also has an obvious hint about another unannounced game. It’ll be interesting to see which games make the cut this time.