But enough talk! Here’s what’s in the Halloween update.

Vs Maker – Here’s a (mostly) Monster and Halloween themed update to the Vs Maker. A new Vampire Hunter 2 theme was added. New characters include…
Capcom: Blanka, Demitri, Felicia, Gallon/J.Talbain, Pyron. Also: Morrigan gets a new sprite!
Sega: Altered Beast
Konami: Alucard, Dracula
Namco: Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse)
SNK: Mars People

Game Index – New “Other version” and “Port of” parameters added to system. If the game is a port of another game, it lists that game and links to it if it’s in the index. If the game has other versions, it will list the alternate versions and link to them if they’re in the index.

Sprites – More sprites and animations added to Castlevania:SOTN section.

Sprite Edits – Konami gets it’s own page with two Dracula sprite edits, one Succubus and a made-from-scratch Alucard sprite. Yes, Alucard! Finally! Altered Beast wolf form added to Sega page and Rick from Splatterhouse was added to the Namco section on the “Game Related” page.

Logos – Castlevania Chronicles, Castlevania SOTN (full size), and animated Golden Axe logos added.

Mini Logos – Alucard, Blanka, Demitri, Dracula, Mars People, Rick Taylor, Sonic, Simon Belmont, Succubus, Tyris Flare (GA1 style) added.

Okay, that was more talk. I’m sorry. Enjoy the update and have a Happy, safe Halloween!

The Darkstalkers attempt a hostile takeover of the Vs. Maker Graphic Generator with new characters and a custom Vampire Hunter 2 screenstyle:

Dammit, this is supposed to be a site about side-scrollers! The last thing the Vs. Maker Generator needs is more fighting game characters hogging the spotlight. If only some of the horror or monster-based characters from those game genres would – –

See, that’s what I’m I’m talkin’ about. The Darkstalkers face off against monsters and monster-fighters from a few side-scrolling classics in an all-monster update for the Vs. Maker and it all goes down this Saturday.

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Busy, busy, busy but here’s another small update:

Game Index, Company Index – Castlevania:SOTN was added. There isn’t much there except for links to other ScrollBoss material and some new ePSXe-made screenshots. The game and a few new character listings (but no S-Files) were added to Konami’s company index page here.

Sprites – A few more Castlevania:SOTN sprites were sprinkled onto the Castlevania page. Many other sites have this game very well covered but it’d still be a shame to not have a small gallery here.

Logo – Added a thinner version of the SOTN logo.

Plus, a new SOTN pagetop graphic was added to the main menu. You’ll still get the older ones randomly but you’ll probably get this one until Halloween is over. Then it will just be on regular random rotation. I’ll try to get some more horror-related things together for a near-Halloween update.

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Majesco Entertainment announced that there will be a “Data East Arcade Classics” game for the Wii that will feature 15 games for $19.99. The current game list from the press release says: “BurgerTime and its sequel, Peter Pepper’s Ice Cream Factory, Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Burnin’ Rubber, Heavy Barrel, Caveman Ninja, Magical Drop III, Side Pocket and many more.” Caveman Ninja is the other name for the game Joe and Mac. The ESRB listing also mentions Street Slam and Secret Agent (a.k.a. Sly Spy). It also mentions the jiggle-action in Magic Drop III. It’s good to see an arcade compilation that has so many platformers and side-scrollers along with a beat-em-up even in that incomplete list. See Majesco’s press release here.

Just in case you haven’t heard, M.U.G.E.N 1.0 New Release Candidate 2 was released this week and has fixes for many of the problems from RC1. Elecbyte has been using the feedback and testing info of users and programmers to get the new M.U.G.E.N as backwardly compatible as they can. Get the new version at their site and remember to keep your older versions, too.

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