October 31st, 2009

But enough talk! Here’s what’s in the Halloween update.

Vs Maker – Here’s a (mostly) Monster and Halloween themed update to the Vs Maker. A new Vampire Hunter 2 theme was added. New characters include…
Capcom: Blanka, Demitri, Felicia, Gallon/J.Talbain, Pyron. Also: Morrigan gets a new sprite!
Sega: Altered Beast
Konami: Alucard, Dracula
Namco: Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse)
SNK: Mars People

Game Index – New “Other version” and “Port of” parameters added to system. If the game is a port of another game, it lists that game and links to it if it’s in the index. If the game has other versions, it will list the alternate versions and link to them if they’re in the index.

Sprites – More sprites and animations added to Castlevania:SOTN section.

Sprite Edits – Konami gets it’s own page with two Dracula sprite edits, one Succubus and a made-from-scratch Alucard sprite. Yes, Alucard! Finally! Altered Beast wolf form added to Sega page and Rick from Splatterhouse was added to the Namco section on the “Game Related” page.

Logos – Castlevania Chronicles, Castlevania SOTN (full size), and animated Golden Axe logos added.

Mini Logos – Alucard, Blanka, Demitri, Dracula, Mars People, Rick Taylor, Sonic, Simon Belmont, Succubus, Tyris Flare (GA1 style) added.

Okay, that was more talk. I’m sorry. Enjoy the update and have a Happy, safe Halloween!

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