Today marks 15 years of this site’s existence on the outskirts of the internet! Most of today’s update centers on sprites that I wanted to redo from scratch, but there’s also a new ScrollBoss character (you’ll see more from her in future updates) and sprites based on the games of late, great Iwata-san.

Custom Sprites
HAL Laboratory: Lolo and Lala (Eggerland series) kick off the new gallery.
Nintendo: Balloon Fighter added.
Sega: a new scratch-made Shiva (Streets of Rage series) sprite added.
DC: Green Lantern Hal Jordan
G.I.JOE: the Baroness
Illmosis Network: The new gallery starts with “V” but my other characters will be added later.

Nintendo: Balloon Fight

All of those sprites were added to the GFX Generators

I’m still a bit worn out from the past few weeks and the yesterday’s great convention, so I couldn’t write the big, detailed “Thank You” post that I wanted to make yet, but will get that together this week. For now, I’d just like to thank everyone who visits the site. You’re one of the biggest factors that kept me going through that whole time. ScrollBoss has been here since the days when these older games were looked down upon by a lot of people and I’ve tried to let this place be a lighthouse for anyone looking for place to appreciate older action games and pixel art. I still have a lot of new things on the way for this site, so I hope you keep visiting every once in a while!

Another heads-up that I’ll be in Artist’s Alley at the All AmeriCon convention this Saturday (July 18th) in Warren, Ohio. I’ll have copies of the new Gotham City Villains pixel art print (just added to the ScrollBoss shop page), that Freddy vs. Jason print and more, along previews of unposted stuff. Last year’s convention had quite a few sellers with game-related merch and actual games (including a seller I ran into recently and he told me he’d have games again this year), so gamers are welcome, too!

I’ve been getting ready for the convention, so I haven’t had much time to do anything for the 15th anniversary update this coming Sunday. There will be a few new fan sprites, the debut of another site character and sprites in honor of Iwata-san.

Today’s the last of the Gotham City-themed updates, but it’s also ties up a few loose ends and fixes a few things. Here’s what’s up:

Custom Sprites – Batgirl, Bane and Catman have been added to the DC Gallery. A few more Catwoman sprite was added to the Catwoman.

Mini-logos: Batgirl, Bane, Penguin (Mego) and Catman logos added to DC gallery

Those new items have been added to the GFX Generators along with the third background of this week’s theme: a street based on the first stage of Batman for the Sega Genesis. That stage has two versions: original flavor and custom generic bar with neon signs and trash. I also added a couple of plain Catwoman sprites with a lot of palette options, because there’s no such thing as too many Catwomans.

That’s it for this theme. I’ve got to get back to work on pixel art and scribbles for the upcoming All AmeriCon convention. Again, due to the convention being on July 18th, the anniversary update on July 19th won’t be big. I hope you have fun with these updates and I’ll be back again in a few weeks!

Anyone who needs a bad pun for this update can choose between “Catwomen on a Hot Brick Roof” or “Catwomen Not on the Moon.” Check it out:

Custom Sprites: There are so many new Catwoman sprites that she becomes the first comic character here to get her own gallery! All new sprites have been added to that Catwoman gallery. No, I didn’t sprite every single Catwoman, but I think it’s a good start.

Mini-logos: Catwoman (Mego logo) added to DC gallery

All those feline-related pixels have been added to the GFX Generators where you’ll also find yet another background: a rooftop with a Bat-Signal shining in the sky! Many of her sprites in the generators have extra palettes, so have fun playing with those, too.

There will be a small wrap-up update tomorrow that includes Gotham’s favorite librarian and another background!

Custom Sprites: new sprites of the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, the Scarecrow, the Riddler, and the Penguin (resized, improved) added to the DC gallery!

Mini-logos: Scarecrow (80s) and Mr. Freeze (80s and 90s) added to DC gallery

All these things have been added to the GFX Generators where you’ll also find that new hideout background!

Here’s a test version of the Gotham Villains pixel print I’m working on.

Wondering why the Catwoman sprite isn’t in this update? Don’t worry, she’s just being fashionably late. Tune in tomorrow… (relatively) same Sprite-time, same Sprite-channel!