Disappointed in the lack of cybernetics I saw on Cyber Monday, I’ve decided to try and make up for that by celebrating cyber-related characters and games for the entire week. Check back with this post for updates every day!


Cyborg, in classic flavor, is now in the DC Comics gallery and GFX Generators (where he has extra palettes)!


A new sprite of Kamaitachi from Ninja Warriors Again (from the beautifully developed SNES/SFAM game by Natsume) has been added to the Taito gallery and GFX Generators (where the Mego WGS style in the GroupShot generator finally has a Taito character bubble set)! Kunoichi (my old version of her need to be redone) and Ninja won’t show up in this theme, but they’re on my to-sprite list.


Welcome your new cyborg gang overlord, Martha from Technos’ beat ’em up, Combatribes. She’s been added to the Technos gallery and GFX Generators along with two versions of the Combatribes logo has been added to the mini-logo page.


Partly pixels, partly real, a new sprite of Steelheart, from the SilverHawks cartoon and toyline, has been added to the Toys and Cartoons gallery and the GFX Generators! The SilverHawks logo has been added to the Toys and Cartoons mini-logo gallery.

Reminder: the prints in the shop are on sale until this Sunday, November 6th. 8×10 and 8×11 prints are $4.50 each while the 11 x 17 prints $8.50 each. There’s a wider variety of prints on the Illmosis site print page, so check that out, too!

Today’s the last of the Gotham City-themed updates, but it’s also ties up a few loose ends and fixes a few things. Here’s what’s up:

Custom Sprites – Batgirl, Bane and Catman have been added to the DC Gallery. A few more Catwoman sprite was added to the Catwoman.

Mini-logos: Batgirl, Bane, Penguin (Mego) and Catman logos added to DC gallery

Those new items have been added to the GFX Generators along with the third background of this week’s theme: a street based on the first stage of Batman for the Sega Genesis. That stage has two versions: original flavor and custom generic bar with neon signs and trash. I also added a couple of plain Catwoman sprites with a lot of palette options, because there’s no such thing as too many Catwomans.

That’s it for this theme. I’ve got to get back to work on pixel art and scribbles for the upcoming All AmeriCon convention. Again, due to the convention being on July 18th, the anniversary update on July 19th won’t be big. I hope you have fun with these updates and I’ll be back again in a few weeks!

Anyone who needs a bad pun for this update can choose between “Catwomen on a Hot Brick Roof” or “Catwomen Not on the Moon.” Check it out:

Custom Sprites: There are so many new Catwoman sprites that she becomes the first comic character here to get her own gallery! All new sprites have been added to that Catwoman gallery. No, I didn’t sprite every single Catwoman, but I think it’s a good start.

Mini-logos: Catwoman (Mego logo) added to DC gallery

All those feline-related pixels have been added to the GFX Generators where you’ll also find yet another background: a rooftop with a Bat-Signal shining in the sky! Many of her sprites in the generators have extra palettes, so have fun playing with those, too.

There will be a small wrap-up update tomorrow that includes Gotham’s favorite librarian and another background!

Here’s everything from the Avengers Assemble updates:

Custom Sprites
Marvel: Absorbing Man (normal and iron), Ant-Man, Black Widow (two poses), the Falcon, the Hulk (classic savage), Iron Man (1st armor, 2nd armor and Hulkbuster v.1), Moonstone, Ms. Marvel (Danvers), Nebula, the Red Skull, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Titania, Ultron, the Wizard, Wonder Man (two outfits)
Capcom: Black Widow (from Slam Masters)
Superman Battle Hover pose: Wonderman (TV Funhouse)

Marvel: Absorbing Man, Moonstone, Nebula, Titania, Ultron, Wonder Man, Wonder Man (TV Funhouse). Added today: Iron Man (ToS 39), Wizard
Capcom: Black Widow – Ring of Destruction signature (added today)
Television (new page): Wonderman (TV Funhouse)

Those custom sprites and mini-logos were added to the GFX Generators that use fighting game sprites.

Sprites – also added a few in-game items to the Captain America and the Avengers page.

That’s all the Avengers-related stuff I’ve posted in the past week to celebrate the new movie… that I still haven’t seen yet. There will be a small Mother’s Day update this weekend as the site goes back to doing game-related content!

Anyone in the mood for some 2-D avenging should check out the Avengers: United Battle Force game built on the OpenBoR engine. O Ilusionista crafted this mod with more Marvel goodness than you’d think was possible in a fan game.

Believe it or not, I had a brief cameo on local TV during the Free Comic Book Day event at All American Comics in Warren, Ohio and I was working on the line art for Absorbing Man, Titania and a few other sprites. Just look for the guy in the gray hat squinting at a piece of paper at around the :35 mark (though I show up a bit earlier than that).

I honestly didn’t know they were filming me until I looked up as the cameraman was about to leave. TOTAL CONCENTRATION.

I planned to have a bigger update than this, but, well, I’ll get into that later. For now, here’s the newness:

New sprites of Adam Hunter (from Sega’s Streets of Rage, Vixen (DC Comics) and Monica Rambeau in her Captain Marvel uniform (Marvel Comics) have been added to the Sega, DC and Marvel galleries. Ms. Rambeau’s Captain Marvel logo being added to the mini-logos gallery. All three characters are in the GFX Generators where Vixen also has 3 more palettes.

The All AmeriCon convention hits Warren, Ohio again on July 18th (one day before this site’s 15th Anniversary) and I’ll be getting a table there to sell scribbles. Get info about it by checking out the Facebook page for the event. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a few people I know from the internet will roll through, but I’ll announce that once it’s ready.

My plan is to get some pixel art things to sell alongside my usual scribbles and, possible, a mini-art book. To do that, I really do have to detach a bit from this site to work on those things and it needs to start not now, but right now. This site will still be updated at least once a month until the anniversary in July, though it won’t be as much as the crazy deluge of pixels I’ve been dropping on you for the past few months. Clean up work on the generators will continue to make way for crazy new features and a few things on the site will be fixed up. Some of the things I’m working on will also be sold through this site, because I want to make a game-related mini-book, too.

BTW: I had line work for one more sprite, but I might just save her for May. You’ll know why if you know who she is.

“This Valentine’s Day, lucky couples will find themselves in the sack. The unlucky ones will end up in a body bag. The DangerTerrorHorrorThon continues!”

Friday the 13th got its due in yesterday’s update, so lets celebrate Valentine’s Day with a horrorific twist!

Custom Sprites
Movies: Candyman and and the miner (My Bloody Valentine).
Capcom: two scratch-made Jill Valentine sprites in her MvsC3 fighting stance
Konami: A new scratch-made sprite of the Succubus from Symphony of the Night (replacing the old sprite edit)

– Movies: Candyman and My Bloody Valentine(1981)

Those bits of newness were added to the GFX Generators. The Candyman was also added to the Fake Screenshots in Mega Man NES sprite form.

That’s all for this weekend. Take care and keep having a great weekend!

Flash Week draws to a close with a few more Rogues and a new pose.

Captain Boomerang and Golden Glider each get a new scratch-made custom sprite and mini-logo while Barry Allen and Professor Zoom/the Reverse-Flash get a shared new pose. All of these things have been added to the GFX Generators.

I’m pretty sure some of you just new this pun was coming.

Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold and the Trickster have been added to the Custom Sprite gallery, mini-logos for Grodd and Trickster were added to that area’s DC gallery and all these things have been added to the GFX Generators.

Arcade Quartermaster just added a bunch of game shrines today, so give that site a visit, too!

This site has spent most of this year celebrating the 25th anniversary of 1989, easily one of the most llama butt-whipping years in the history of video games. It’s so dense with digital greatness that I couldn’t give dap to all things to which dap is due, even with nearly a year to work on the theme. The clock is winding down and this update is an attempt to strengthen the custom sprite galleries (and image generator banks) of those games.

Custom Sprites – The following changes were made to the galleries:
Data East: Karnov (new scratch-made sprites in outfits from Karnov, Bad Dudes, Sly Spy and Trio the Punch)
Capcom: Crash Man, Strobaya (Strider)
Final Fight: Damnd and Jessica Haggar
Konami: Strongwoman from S.P.Y.: Special Project Y
Sega: Joe Musashi (1 new sprite, 1 improved sprite), Yamato, Neo-Zeed Leader, Queen of the Oasis
Golden Axe: new gallery page with new Gilius Thunderhead sprite
Tecmo: Ryu Hayabusa, Irene Lew
TMNT: Raphael

GFX Generator – All new sprites were added to the proper characters (they’re at the top of the “Update” character list). There’s also a new background: the 1989 arcade!

YouTube user Cralfer put together a video that showcases many of the multi-plane beat ’em ups released before Final Fight was in 1989. You’ll see a lot of obscure titles in here!

That’s all for this update, but don’t be surprised to see a bit more newness added to the site before the year is out. Also, even after the year-long 1989 theme is over, I’ve decided that every August 9th (1989) will be dedicated to 1989’s Revenge. Take care and I hope your holidays are happy!

Is this update a session of Dungeons and Dragons or the side of some guy’s van from the 1970s? You make the call! 1989 was filled with a ton of “hack ‘n slash” games, including Golden Axe, the arcade hit that found the sweet spot between earlier H&S platformers and the combat trappings and tall play-fields of post-Double Dragon beat-em-ups. This update has pixel art tributes to those games.

Mini-logos – It’s finally been redesigned so you’re not forced to wait until a zillion mini-logos load up. It starts with a text list of the different sections and you click on the one you want to see, including the old “all at once” view.

– ADK Corporation: ADK Corporation, Gang Wars
– Namco: Valkyrie no Densetsu, Legend of the Valkyrie
– Palace Software: Barbarian, Barbarian II
– Rare Ltd.: Rare (early ’90s logo), Wizards and Warriors
– TAD Corporation (New!): TAD Corporation, Cabal, Toki
– Taito: Wizard (Cadash)

Custom Sprites
– Konami: Trevor Belmont (NES stand)
– Jaleco: Astyanax (arcade version)
– Namco: Valkyrie from Valkyrie no Densetsu
– Rare: Kuros
– Sega: Ax Battler
– Other games: Princess Mariana (Axe of Rage/Barbarian 2)

Graphic Generators – All of the new content was added to the fighting game-scale generators.

Mega Ran’s current Kickstarter will be winding down Friday night, so kick in some scratch if you like what he does and have the dough to do so!

December will be the wrap-up for the whole “the Revenge of 1989” 25th anniversary shindig. I’ll try to wrap up various loose ends, including sprites to complete certain teams (I’m one character away from the Dracula’s Curse heroes team and Belger still needs a wheelchair) and a few other issues. Take care and I’ll see you again next month!