February 13th, 2015

Get ready for two days of the sort of horror-based pixel nonsense that rarely happens here outside of October!

Pamela Voorhees returns to physical (well, pixel) realm in search of her son only to find look-a-likes, doppelgangers and pretenders. Why, these men aren’t her son! What should be done about this mockery? Unfortunately, her answer is the only answer she’s known since Jason drowned all those years ago: “Kill them, mommy! Kill them!”

Custom Sprites
Movies: Pamela Voorhees
Namco: Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse, new pose)
Sega: Kid Chameleon as Manaix
Taito: Booster (Growl/Runark)
Tecmo: Hockey-masked thug (new to replace the 2013 sprite)

The GFX Generators were updated with the new items.

Here’s a few links to some cool stuff to keep that horror groove going:
Anyone disappointed that the real Jason didn’t show up here today should check out Rusty Shackle’s artwork of Jason Voorhees.

The Xiamat Tumblr has a very cool, low-color .GIF of Freddy Krueger that looks like he’s glitching his own NES game from the inside.

Seriously, just follow both of those Tumblrs if you want more of that goodness.

Also: be sure to check out Zombiepalooza Radio’s site and Facebook page!

Tomorrow’s tagline:
“This Valentine‚Äôs Day weekend, lucky couples will find themselves in the sack. The unlucky ones will end up in a body bag.”

2 Responses to “DangerTerrorHorrorThon, day 1: The Revenge of Pamela Voorhees”

  1. Although it is Friday the 13th
    However, the role of published very interesting!
    Especially in the upper right man, I remember the last is to use a stick to beat him fly ………….

    When it comes to Valentine’s Day
    I think Denjin Makai
    The game’s villain and female villain in the dating too!
    Maybe they will survive and married the@@
    Time is 3 minutes 27 seconds and 3 minutes and 48 seconds

  2. […] the 13th got its due in yesterday’s update, so lets celebrate Valentine’s Day with a horrorific […]