February 5th, 2015

Big changes are coming to the GFX Generators this year, but here’s a small one that may save you a few headaches. The GFX Generator now has a feature on the last page where you can adjust your choices of where the characters should be, hit the button, and see a reset version of the picture. You can even repeat one sprite/character in all the spots. Things like the character portraits and mini-logos will also switch with the changes. Unfortunately, character name text in the Mega Man NES select screens will not change, but there will be an option for that in the future if this new feature works. Site updates will continue to be a bit small while I work on things like this.

Meanwhile, people seemed to like how that new Raphael sprite looked, so now it’s Mikey’s turn:

I’ll probably wait until I have Don and Leo made before making full-on alternate versions (classic Mirage, 1988 toys), but he’ll have those palettes in the generators.

Gaming and Pixel News

The teaser trailer for “The Hit Squad” pixel art motion picture is here:

Be sure to check out the official site at ilovethehitsquad.com

The Foolish Brave: To Challenge a God is a pixel art side-scrolling platformer with a beautiful, charming design style and solid controls (as evidenced in the PLAYABLE demo on the site).

Check out the Kickstarter campaign if you’re interested and give if you can!

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