There isn’t much content to hit you with this time because I spent a lot of time trying to fine-tune the MUGEN storyboard in this update.

News – I finally set up this news section to produce an RSS feed. I always forgot to update the separate RSS page and the coding was never perfect.
Here is the new RSS feed.
There may be a new, better RSS feed link later but since you’ll find out about it here, don’t worry about that yet.

MugenBoss – The credits from “Challenge of the Superfriends” have been converted to MUGEN.

There are far more complicated things I want to make storyboards of so I did this one as practice. The goal was to do it without using a giant .SFF full of screenshots so it’s a quick download and won’t take up much space on your hard drive. Old cartoon geezers like me may enjoy this once or twice.

Sprites – Additions to the Captain Commando page include the rest of the bosses with an animated version of Blood’s fighting stance. The Rushing Beat page finally gets Rushing Beat sprites with 3 each from Norton and Bild just for the sake of reference. The Rushing Beat series also got new graphic tags that say Rushing Beat Series on them so they’ll be less confusing. You’ll see the 200×100 group shot on the main sprite page and the Rushing Beat Mugen index page.

Custom Sprites – A CvS-style Kunio-Kun was added to the Technos page.

Logos – Rushing Beat Ran added.

Mini-Logos – the Beast.

Poll Center – Didn’t notice that updating the Poll program broke the Poll Center page. The page works now but fouls up when you try to view the results.

And now, news. I have a lot of projects going on right now and I need as much time as I can get to work on them. So until further notice, this site will no longer be regularly updated every two weeks. Site updates will happen at random. If you subscribe to the new RSS feed I mentioned earlier, you’ll be notified when they happen. Why should you care? Because instead of just kicking out a few sprites or edits every two weeks, updates will only happen when I finish something really interesting or when something need some testing. One of those things will be an improved Vs. Screen graphic generator. Another may be an experimental MUGEN storyboard I’ve been thinking about for a few years now. I’ll talk more about what I have in mind for ScrollBoss in the next update.

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