Custom Sprites
Marvel Comics: New sprites of Archangel, Beast, Cyclops, Magik, Rogue, Goblin Queen, Magneto, Mister Sinister, Toad.
Portraits – X-Men:Children of the Atom: Mister Sinister
mini-logos (Marvel): Magik and Minster Sinister

All new custom sprites and mini-logos were added to the GFX Generators, where you can make your own screenshot-like graphics like the ones at the top of this post!

edit May 27th, 2024: it’s late, but there’s now a little video to go along with this update, and you’ll even see a few sprites that aren’t on the site:

Chris Baker of the SUPERHEROdotVG channel and author of “WRONG! Retro Games, You Messed Up Our Comic Book Heroes!” has a recent video about some of the X-Men games that never made it to store shelves, including a deep dive and brand new footage of one I’d never even heard of before this. As always, it’s well-researched and definitely worth your time!

I’ll be showing off a few Mutant Mayhem sprites before the update hits this website and I’m starting off with one of my favorite characters, the Beast:

The Beast

The Beast

The pose is kinda based on the X-Men Mutant Apocalypse idle stance, but drawn in the proportions of the comic art. Most of you are familiar with the ’90s Beast with the yellow belt, but the first few sprites show him as he looked after he mutated himself further in Amazing Adventures #11.

May 21st:

4 sprites of Cyclops


Part of this Cyclops sprite base appears in all the way back in this 2018 video and an X-Men group sprite from 2021, but I redrew it recently and even made an arm and head variant to remake that classic Capcom pose that I and many other sprite editors used as a sprite base back in the old days. I don’t like to make a ton of alternate versions until I’m 100% sure I like how the sprite turned out, but I felt like I needed to make the X-Factor version just to rep Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge, and I’ll make a group sprite of that whenever I get around to spriting Gambit.

The CRT screen effect was done with CRT View created by Mattias Gustavsson. Stay tuned for more!

I’m done with commission work for a while, so I’m back with a few real updates!

The ToyBoss section was updated with more new photos and up-to-date roster photos. One is a quick shot I took yesterday of my still-carded Captain Commando figures by 52Toys, now that I just got my Ninja Commando from AliBaba. Still waiting on my Baby Commando pre-order at HLJ, so I think I’ll hold out on opening them until I get the whole crew. The three figures I have look great and I haven’t even uncarded them yet, and I’m definitely keeping the cards for the artwork once I open them all. Speaking of complete crews, I managed to get the other three Target-exclusive “Pizza Club” Ninja Turtle figures by NECA. This is the first set of Turtles I gotten since the original Playmates figures from the 80s. I was going to (and still may) get all the Loyal Subjects BST AXN Turtles (I only have Raph for now), but I saw these announced months ago and plotted to get them. The BST AXN Turtles are still good, but I think the NECA Turtles themselves scale better when next to other toylines.

Speaking of toy line crossovers, I also added a new “Scale Wars” section with a few photos of figures from different lines standing next to each other to show how they scale. Some of these may help if you’re thinking of mixing and matching toylines or trying to figure out sizes for cross-line toy fodder.

With X-Men hype at a fever pitch again after the 10-episode run of X-Men ’97, there will be some new mutant-related sprites hitting the site next week!