Majesco Entertainment announced that there will be a “Data East Arcade Classics” game for the Wii that will feature 15 games for $19.99. The current game list from the press release says: “BurgerTime and its sequel, Peter Pepper’s Ice Cream Factory, Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Burnin’ Rubber, Heavy Barrel, Caveman Ninja, Magical Drop III, Side Pocket and many more.” Caveman Ninja is the other name for the game Joe and Mac. The ESRB listing also mentions Street Slam and Secret Agent (a.k.a. Sly Spy). It also mentions the jiggle-action in Magic Drop III. It’s good to see an arcade compilation that has so many platformers and side-scrollers along with a beat-em-up even in that incomplete list. See Majesco’s press release here.

Just in case you haven’t heard, M.U.G.E.N 1.0 New Release Candidate 2 was released this week and has fixes for many of the problems from RC1. Elecbyte has been using the feedback and testing info of users and programmers to get the new M.U.G.E.N as backwardly compatible as they can. Get the new version at their site and remember to keep your older versions, too.

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This update isn’t big but it’s important. It’s the first full update from the NewNew Computer that doesn’t freeze or spontaneously restart. It’s also a crossover update with my Illmosis art/comic site for the last update for Twofold month. He’s one of my original characters (please dont steal lolololol) and I devoted most of this month to working on stuff for him. He’s a ninja so I decided to celebrate here by making this update full of

Game Index – Beats of Rage, the Ninja Kids, Ninja Gaiden (arcade) and Ninja Warriors (SNES) added.

Minus World – An all-new article was added to the Minus World section. One word: Sidbillies. There are ninjas in that too!

Vs. Mode – You may want to check out the Vs. Mode index page. The poll fight feature isn’t back, but it’s much closer than it’s ever been since 2002. It should be ready by early 2010 but future teasers and tests for it will make it clear why it’s taking a lot of work. There’s a test of the “Fight Archive” page using the old Superninja 2002 battle.

MugenBoss – The miscolored pixels on the log in the “Karate Champ Alpha – Stage 4” stage finally got fixed. There are no ninjas in it but the stage is compatible with most ninja characters in MUGEN. Also, in case you haven’t heard, Elecbyte, the creators of MUGEN, are back. Fo’rilla. Check out their new site and see what they’ve been up to.

Sprites – Along with a redesign for the Final Fight sprite hub page, sprites, animations and cinema pics were added to the Final Fight 3 page. A few Samus sprites and items from the NES game were added to the Metroid page. Strider Hiryu’s fighting stance and taunt were added to the Marvel vs. Capcom page. One sprite of each Ninja Kid from the Taito game was added to the Taito page.

Custom Sprites – New sprite edits of Kazan and Wendy Milan (Rushing Beat series) and Kunoichi (Ninja Warriors) were added to the Game Related page along with improved versions of Kazan and Wendy’s earlier edits. Lex Luthor jumpsuit sprite updated on the DC page and in the Vs. Maker generator.

Logos – various versions of Caveman Ninja (arcade), Kid Niki (arcade), Kirby Super Star, Mirai Ninja, Ninja Kids, Ninja Gaiden II (NES, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Ninja Spirit, Ninja Warriors (SNES & SF), Spider-Man and the X-Men and Super Metroid added.

Minilogos – A group of great Wrestling minilogos made in the 64×26 format have been donated by Sage Freehaven along with new minilogos for Balrog, M.Bison, Martian Manhunter.

Graphic Generators

The Vs. Maker Balrog and Bison finally get their own logos and Martian Manhunter gets a more recent one. Not much of a surprise if you’re reading these in order. Here’s a surprise thought: my character, Twofold, was added with an all-new sprite made from scratch along with a portrait and minilogo. How’s that for a site crossover?

Updates will be back to almost every two weeks again now that the new computer is all sorted out and the programs are working. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy the update.

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MugenBoss – I’m guest-hosting some stuff that guys like Kiwi, Magus, WarmachineX (of the very cool Warmachine Madness board) and others did back in the day.

There’s nothing new here but the new stages include some stages based on Marvel and DC Comics, G.I.JOE and Masters of the Universe. There’s a page just for them in this link.

These stages and the ThunderCats Cat’s Lair stage that Kiwi and Shin Otaru did lead me to put together an index for stuff related to toys and cartoons. There are only three stages in that index now but I’m sure there’ll be more. Check out the page in this link. The Items Index page got a slight redesign and now links to the company-specific MUGEN indexes too.

Vs. Maker – New engine update includes… oval shadows:

Fancy, ain’t it? It’s not? Whatever. It works but only a few new test screenstyles use it since that part of the system still has a big rewrite coming.

New characters include Adam Hunter, Mr. X (Streets of Rage), Joker, Lex Luthor, the Flash, Martian Manhunter, Solomon Grundy, Star Sapphire.

Sprite Edits – I had to make at least two non-G.I.JOE sprite edits for the Toys and ‘Toons graphic used in it’s MUGEN index so I made He-Man and Lion-O. Those are on the brand-new Toys and Cartoons custom sprite page. The Flash, Joker, Lex Luthor & Solomon Grundy added to DC Comics page.

Mini-logos – Edi.E, Metamorpho, Mr. Fantastic, Mr. X, Lex Luthor, the Question, Scarlet Witch, Star Sapphire, Solomon Grundy, the Thing, Tyrant, Vision added.

Articles – The Game List was updated for the first time since last December. Along with some random stuff, I bought the first Midway and SNK compilations which will help in a future article I plan to write about why I love game compilations and why they’re great even in a DLC world.

Last week’s Illmosis update had an early version of something that you’ll see in the Minus World section sooner or later: Poison vs. Billy. Computer problems kept me from getting this fully colored and also slowed down work on everything else in this update. Unfortunately, the updates will continue to be small until things get fixed.

There isn’t much content to hit you with this time because I spent a lot of time trying to fine-tune the MUGEN storyboard in this update.

News – I finally set up this news section to produce an RSS feed. I always forgot to update the separate RSS page and the coding was never perfect.
Here is the new RSS feed.
There may be a new, better RSS feed link later but since you’ll find out about it here, don’t worry about that yet.

MugenBoss – The credits from “Challenge of the Superfriends” have been converted to MUGEN.

There are far more complicated things I want to make storyboards of so I did this one as practice. The goal was to do it without using a giant .SFF full of screenshots so it’s a quick download and won’t take up much space on your hard drive. Old cartoon geezers like me may enjoy this once or twice.

Sprites – Additions to the Captain Commando page include the rest of the bosses with an animated version of Blood’s fighting stance. The Rushing Beat page finally gets Rushing Beat sprites with 3 each from Norton and Bild just for the sake of reference. The Rushing Beat series also got new graphic tags that say Rushing Beat Series on them so they’ll be less confusing. You’ll see the 200×100 group shot on the main sprite page and the Rushing Beat Mugen index page.

Custom Sprites – A CvS-style Kunio-Kun was added to the Technos page.

Logos – Rushing Beat Ran added.

Mini-Logos – the Beast.

Poll Center – Didn’t notice that updating the Poll program broke the Poll Center page. The page works now but fouls up when you try to view the results.

And now, news. I have a lot of projects going on right now and I need as much time as I can get to work on them. So until further notice, this site will no longer be regularly updated every two weeks. Site updates will happen at random. If you subscribe to the new RSS feed I mentioned earlier, you’ll be notified when they happen. Why should you care? Because instead of just kicking out a few sprites or edits every two weeks, updates will only happen when I finish something really interesting or when something need some testing. One of those things will be an improved Vs. Screen graphic generator. Another may be an experimental MUGEN storyboard I’ve been thinking about for a few years now. I’ll talk more about what I have in mind for ScrollBoss in the next update.

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