This update isn’t big but it’s important. It’s the first full update from the NewNew Computer that doesn’t freeze or spontaneously restart. It’s also a crossover update with my Illmosis art/comic site for the last update for Twofold month. He’s one of my original characters (please dont steal lolololol) and I devoted most of this month to working on stuff for him. He’s a ninja so I decided to celebrate here by making this update full of

Game Index – Beats of Rage, the Ninja Kids, Ninja Gaiden (arcade) and Ninja Warriors (SNES) added.

Minus World – An all-new article was added to the Minus World section. One word: Sidbillies. There are ninjas in that too!

Vs. Mode – You may want to check out the Vs. Mode index page. The poll fight feature isn’t back, but it’s much closer than it’s ever been since 2002. It should be ready by early 2010 but future teasers and tests for it will make it clear why it’s taking a lot of work. There’s a test of the “Fight Archive” page using the old Superninja 2002 battle.

MugenBoss – The miscolored pixels on the log in the “Karate Champ Alpha – Stage 4” stage finally got fixed. There are no ninjas in it but the stage is compatible with most ninja characters in MUGEN. Also, in case you haven’t heard, Elecbyte, the creators of MUGEN, are back. Fo’rilla. Check out their new site and see what they’ve been up to.

Sprites – Along with a redesign for the Final Fight sprite hub page, sprites, animations and cinema pics were added to the Final Fight 3 page. A few Samus sprites and items from the NES game were added to the Metroid page. Strider Hiryu’s fighting stance and taunt were added to the Marvel vs. Capcom page. One sprite of each Ninja Kid from the Taito game was added to the Taito page.

Custom Sprites – New sprite edits of Kazan and Wendy Milan (Rushing Beat series) and Kunoichi (Ninja Warriors) were added to the Game Related page along with improved versions of Kazan and Wendy’s earlier edits. Lex Luthor jumpsuit sprite updated on the DC page and in the Vs. Maker generator.

Logos – various versions of Caveman Ninja (arcade), Kid Niki (arcade), Kirby Super Star, Mirai Ninja, Ninja Kids, Ninja Gaiden II (NES, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Ninja Spirit, Ninja Warriors (SNES & SF), Spider-Man and the X-Men and Super Metroid added.

Minilogos – A group of great Wrestling minilogos made in the 64×26 format have been donated by Sage Freehaven along with new minilogos for Balrog, M.Bison, Martian Manhunter.

Graphic Generators

The Vs. Maker Balrog and Bison finally get their own logos and Martian Manhunter gets a more recent one. Not much of a surprise if you’re reading these in order. Here’s a surprise thought: my character, Twofold, was added with an all-new sprite made from scratch along with a portrait and minilogo. How’s that for a site crossover?

Updates will be back to almost every two weeks again now that the new computer is all sorted out and the programs are working. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy the update.

(archived news post)