Here’s everything from the Avengers Assemble updates:

Custom Sprites
Marvel: Absorbing Man (normal and iron), Ant-Man, Black Widow (two poses), the Falcon, the Hulk (classic savage), Iron Man (1st armor, 2nd armor and Hulkbuster v.1), Moonstone, Ms. Marvel (Danvers), Nebula, the Red Skull, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Titania, Ultron, the Wizard, Wonder Man (two outfits)
Capcom: Black Widow (from Slam Masters)
Superman Battle Hover pose: Wonderman (TV Funhouse)

Marvel: Absorbing Man, Moonstone, Nebula, Titania, Ultron, Wonder Man, Wonder Man (TV Funhouse). Added today: Iron Man (ToS 39), Wizard
Capcom: Black Widow – Ring of Destruction signature (added today)
Television (new page): Wonderman (TV Funhouse)

Those custom sprites and mini-logos were added to the GFX Generators that use fighting game sprites.

Sprites – also added a few in-game items to the Captain America and the Avengers page.

That’s all the Avengers-related stuff I’ve posted in the past week to celebrate the new movie… that I still haven’t seen yet. There will be a small Mother’s Day update this weekend as the site goes back to doing game-related content!

Anyone in the mood for some 2-D avenging should check out the Avengers: United Battle Force game built on the OpenBoR engine. O Ilusionista crafted this mod with more Marvel goodness than you’d think was possible in a fan game.

Believe it or not, I had a brief cameo on local TV during the Free Comic Book Day event at All American Comics in Warren, Ohio and I was working on the line art for Absorbing Man, Titania and a few other sprites. Just look for the guy in the gray hat squinting at a piece of paper at around the :35 mark (though I show up a bit earlier than that).

I honestly didn’t know they were filming me until I looked up as the cameraman was about to leave. TOTAL CONCENTRATION.

G.I.JOE: Retaliation has hit theaters and the early word I’ve heard about it so far is positive. The movie looked far more G.I.JOE-like than the first movie (which wasn’t bad, but mismanaged a few characters) from the get-go, so here’s a small Joe-themed update to celebrate that.

Custom Sprites – Beach-Head, Firefly, Jinx (masked, unmasked and blindfolded), Zartan added to the G.I.JOE page.

Mini-Logos – G.I.JOE ARAH (with tiny tagline under the main logo), The early Japanese ARAH-style logo, Cobra (IDW), Action Force (yellow stencil, and ARAH-looking versions) and Dreadnok (from the 7 pack of figures) added to the G.I.JOE section.

GFX Generators – The following things were updated:

GroupShot: 88×136 Comic now has some of the Marvel G.I.JOE comic set-ups.
Characters: Cobra (IDW logo added), Dreadnoks (Zartan sprite added), Firefly (new, 1 sprite, 3 palettes), G.I.JOE (Beach-head v1 sprite added), Jinx (new, 3 sprites), Snake-Eyes (Marvel logo)

Sprites – G.I.JOE page added with the playable characters from the first NES game and some cinema gifs from the arcade game.

Game Index – Konami’s G.I.JOE arcade game was added to the index.

This is the last of the “unpause” updates Check it:

GFX Generators – The main engine for this was upgraded a lot since the last update. The picture style options have been upgraded so much that a lot of separate picture styles that were almost the same (like the various 160×196 box/art/poster tributes)are now in one choice slot on the first menu. The engine is getting close to what I’d call version 1.00 but I still have many small things to iron out. Let’s get to the content.

New chars: Andy Bogard, Billy Kane, Blue Mary, Duke Edwards, Fio, Genjuro, Marco, “(more) Metal Slug characters,” Leona, Maxima, Rocky, Robert Garcia, Sie Kensou for SNK. Anakaris, Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta, Firebrand, Huitzel/Phobos, Lilith, Rikuo/Aulbath, Q-Bee, Sasquatch, Victor for Capcom. Metroid for Nintendo. Elevator Action spy for Taito. Riki, Sabu (Super Dodge Ball sprites) and Nekketsu/Kunio-Kun enemies (Shinji, Kenji and Misuzi in one character slot) for Technos. Black Lightning for DC Comics.
Updated chars: Andore/Hugo (added 2 sprites), Aquaman (new sprite), Iron Man (new MvsC3 armor edit), Kunio-Kun (SDG Neo Geo graphics added), Morrigan (MvsC taunt & Nurse edit), Phoenix (Classic Phoenix costume sprite), Robin (classic Dick Grayson sprite)

KoF/SvC sprites & sprite edits were added to:
Athena, Clark, Joe Higashi, King, Geese Howard, Haohmaru, Mai, Nakoruru, Ralf, Ryo, Terry Bogard for SNK, Andore, Balrog, Dan, Demitri, Chun-Li, Guile, Ken, M.Bison, Poison, Ryu, Sagat, Vega and Zero for Capcom. Billy & Jimmy Lee for Technos.
Samurai Showdown 5 sprites added to:
Haohmaru, Nakoruru

GroupShot styles merged: Boxes, Flyer & Posters 160×192 (merged version of the Capcom, Genesis, SNK and Konami boxes, Playstation 2 added), Create-a-Scene 384×224 (many scene boxes merged + new scenes), Justice League Task Force (bigger screen with Superman, Batman, WW, Aquaman & Darkseid sub-choices)
Vs.Maker styles updated: Create-a-Scene (384×224 pixels) (new background system)

Custom Sprites

Capcom: Firebrand (scratch-made hovering sprite)
Nintendo: Metroid (new scratch-made sprite)
Sega: Blaze Fielding (new sprite)
Taito: Elevator Action Spy (two scratch-made sprites)
Technos: improved KoF-style edits of Billy and Jimmy Lee
DC Comics: Scratch-made sprites of Black Lightning (90’s) and Robin (classic) and a new edit of Aquaman.
Marvel Comics: Iron Man (MvsC 3 armor), Phoenix (Classic)
PrimeOp: A new gallery with most of the scratch-made sprites I’ve created that aren’t completely embarrassing.

The site will update now semi-regularly but updates will be a bit light for a while. I have commission work to finish and another website to “start” **looks shifty** but I’ll have enough updates to keep you from thinking that this place is dead. You wouldn’t believe all of the things I didn’t get finished for this update.

Breakin’ News

Elevator Action Deluxe will be adding four DLC characters FOR FREE starting this week. First up? SAYO-CHAN from Kiki Kaikai/Pocky & Rocky! Hit up the official site to see who else will be joining in on the fun.

Anyone who likes to use create-a-character formulas to bring their favorite characters into other games should visit GameLabor, a new website with formulas for Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Soul Calibur III & Soul Calibur IV. There’s even a YouTube channel so you can see the creations in action.

Brawlers who remember that this post’s title is also the first line in one of Capcom’s greatest beat-em-ups already know which two Marvel heroes are in this update. Fans who know the Japanese names of an excellent but lesser known Taito series may have figured out who else is in here. Anyone kind enough to check out Illmosis earlier this week already know which multiplayer gaming icon came to the party with enough explosions for everybody.

Graphic Generators – Fixed the Marvel vs. Capcom 1 Vs. stand-off so that the minilogos post on the right layers again. There is also a new screenstyle in the Vs. Maker called “Variable” that lets you choose from many background, foreground and overlay graphics. New and updated characters follow:
Marvel: Nick Fury & the Punisher
Taito: Sayo-Chan/Pocky, Manuke/Rocky and the Growl heroes
Other Games: Bomberman
Updated characters: Axel Stone (improved sprites), Cody (F.Fight uppercut sprite added), X-23 (minilogos)

Custom Sprites
Marvel: the Punisher (three variations), Nick Fury (three variations)
Hudson: Bomberman
Taito: Sayo-Chan a.k.a. Pocky

Mini logos

Konami: Crime Fighters, Contra (2 variations), Vendetta
Hudson: Bomberman (NES & 16-bit era)
Marvel: Nick Fury (90’s), X-23
Sega: Shinobi (2002)
Taito: Sayo, Pocky & Rocky
Atari/Midway/Williams: Narc

Game logos – Crime Fighters 2, Legend of Zelda (animated), Wizards & Warriors, Zelda II

I also have a ScrollBoss account set up on Tumblr! Check it out right here. There will be more than just update posts there so keep an eye on it if you have a Tumblr account.

Two new galleries have been added to the Custom Sprites section and both are showcases for two excellent pixel technicians: Kiwi and C4ncel. You’ve probably seen Kiwi’s god-tier work before and his gallery here is long overdue. Have you ever seen the Cat’s Lair MUGEN stage that recreates the classic ThunderCats’ headquarters? He did the glorious pixel work on that. The gallery is just a tiny sample of his skills and you can see much, much more at his deviantART page. The second gallery belongs to C4ncel and his excellent SNK/King of Fighters style edits. You’ll see characters from classics like Castlevania and Final Fight to newer games like God Hand, No More Heroes, and Borderlands. C4ncel has a website called C4ncelCove that has more of his work with more creations on the way. Be sure to send them a message if you like their work!

Breakin’ News

Final Fight: Double Impact (Final Fight + Magic Sword with online play and other stuff) is on sale for $4.99 on Playstation Network! This would’ve been the first DLC game I bought for my PS3 if it weren’t for the fact that it MUST be connected to the internet to play. That’s an issue for me because I have one internet line with no router so I have to switch between the internet and PS3. I know it’s DRM to keep the “code sharers” at bay but it also kept me from buying it until it was on sale since I usually won’t be able to play it.

The first Moon Diver DLC content pack is out and only costs $1! It includes Silence, the former ally that may have been controlled by Faust to fight the rest of the team, returns to the flock to whoop all kinds of buttock. His stats are so insane that I cleared the game in one sitting. You also get a special Score Attack Mode that challenges you to kill as many enemies as possible in an auto-scrolling stage. It’s fun and it’s only a buck. Those who bought it and are having trouble with it may want to get this pack to burn through the game with Silence.

The whole thing came and went between updates here but I still want to congratulate Bomber Games for the excellent Streets of Rage Remake v.5 release. I hope something can be worked out so that it can be hosted on your site again.

Wizzy has been busy with the music and he’s put up tracks for the likes of Batman (hi-tech sound + heroic theme + foreboding moments = excellence), Thanos (powerful and epic) and some music for good ol’ Radd Spencer. He dropped two of them including this one along with the following that has an excellent sprite by Steamboy13. Enjoy the music!

I did something to the main index page. It seems obvious at first but be sure to look carefully. Some of you young’uns might not get the second part.

This is just a small update

GFX Generators – The last update added the ability to pick options for certain backgrounds and I said something about future updates taking crazy advantage of that. I’m using the Slam Masters rings as a demonstration for that again. Having different backgrounds and Vs. fonts for the Slam Masters rings was just practice.

Vs. Maker screens:
Slam Masters series rings – Rings and crowds/bgs can now be mixed and more background parts from whole series were added.
X-Men: CotA Vs – Added a few stage preview options.

GroupShot screens:
X-Men: CotA “Moon Night” – with a few bg options.

Custom Sprites – Ken (known as Kevin in the Japanese version) from Street Fighter 2010 has been added to the Capcom page. I just couldn’t let this year slip by without making a sprite edit of him. I also updated the “Then and Now” page to compare the Johnny Storm and Superman sprites along with a more detailed progress chart for street-clothes Cody.

I also made a commissioned from-scratch sprite of a legendary comic book advertising hero and you can see that on the deviantART page in this link. Be sure to check out the work by man who commissioned the sprite!

Good news, everyone: Quartermaster is back with a new URL and highly-updated Capcom and SNK shrines! Shadi has done a ton of work on the shrines and they’re as informative as they are attractive. He doesn’t play favorites and put as much effort into the Black Tiger and Magic Sword shrines as he gives into pages of more well-known games. Please give the place a visit! I apologize that all of my links from here to the new URL aren’t fixed in this update but I’ll get that done as soon as I can.

MugenBoss – I’m guest-hosting some stuff that guys like Kiwi, Magus, WarmachineX (of the very cool Warmachine Madness board) and others did back in the day.

There’s nothing new here but the new stages include some stages based on Marvel and DC Comics, G.I.JOE and Masters of the Universe. There’s a page just for them in this link.

These stages and the ThunderCats Cat’s Lair stage that Kiwi and Shin Otaru did lead me to put together an index for stuff related to toys and cartoons. There are only three stages in that index now but I’m sure there’ll be more. Check out the page in this link. The Items Index page got a slight redesign and now links to the company-specific MUGEN indexes too.

Vs. Maker – New engine update includes… oval shadows:

Fancy, ain’t it? It’s not? Whatever. It works but only a few new test screenstyles use it since that part of the system still has a big rewrite coming.

New characters include Adam Hunter, Mr. X (Streets of Rage), Joker, Lex Luthor, the Flash, Martian Manhunter, Solomon Grundy, Star Sapphire.

Sprite Edits – I had to make at least two non-G.I.JOE sprite edits for the Toys and ‘Toons graphic used in it’s MUGEN index so I made He-Man and Lion-O. Those are on the brand-new Toys and Cartoons custom sprite page. The Flash, Joker, Lex Luthor & Solomon Grundy added to DC Comics page.

Mini-logos – Edi.E, Metamorpho, Mr. Fantastic, Mr. X, Lex Luthor, the Question, Scarlet Witch, Star Sapphire, Solomon Grundy, the Thing, Tyrant, Vision added.

Articles – The Game List was updated for the first time since last December. Along with some random stuff, I bought the first Midway and SNK compilations which will help in a future article I plan to write about why I love game compilations and why they’re great even in a DLC world.

Last week’s Illmosis update had an early version of something that you’ll see in the Minus World section sooner or later: Poison vs. Billy. Computer problems kept me from getting this fully colored and also slowed down work on everything else in this update. Unfortunately, the updates will continue to be small until things get fixed.