Here’s everything from the Avengers Assemble updates:

Custom Sprites
Marvel: Absorbing Man (normal and iron), Ant-Man, Black Widow (two poses), the Falcon, the Hulk (classic savage), Iron Man (1st armor, 2nd armor and Hulkbuster v.1), Moonstone, Ms. Marvel (Danvers), Nebula, the Red Skull, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Titania, Ultron, the Wizard, Wonder Man (two outfits)
Capcom: Black Widow (from Slam Masters)
Superman Battle Hover pose: Wonderman (TV Funhouse)

Marvel: Absorbing Man, Moonstone, Nebula, Titania, Ultron, Wonder Man, Wonder Man (TV Funhouse). Added today: Iron Man (ToS 39), Wizard
Capcom: Black Widow – Ring of Destruction signature (added today)
Television (new page): Wonderman (TV Funhouse)

Those custom sprites and mini-logos were added to the GFX Generators that use fighting game sprites.

Sprites – also added a few in-game items to the Captain America and the Avengers page.

That’s all the Avengers-related stuff I’ve posted in the past week to celebrate the new movie… that I still haven’t seen yet. There will be a small Mother’s Day update this weekend as the site goes back to doing game-related content!

Anyone in the mood for some 2-D avenging should check out the Avengers: United Battle Force game built on the OpenBoR engine. O Ilusionista crafted this mod with more Marvel goodness than you’d think was possible in a fan game.

Believe it or not, I had a brief cameo on local TV during the Free Comic Book Day event at All American Comics in Warren, Ohio and I was working on the line art for Absorbing Man, Titania and a few other sprites. Just look for the guy in the gray hat squinting at a piece of paper at around the :35 mark (though I show up a bit earlier than that).

I honestly didn’t know they were filming me until I looked up as the cameraman was about to leave. TOTAL CONCENTRATION.