March 28th, 2013

G.I.JOE: Retaliation has hit theaters and the early word I’ve heard about it so far is positive. The movie looked far more G.I.JOE-like than the first movie (which wasn’t bad, but mismanaged a few characters) from the get-go, so here’s a small Joe-themed update to celebrate that.

Custom Sprites – Beach-Head, Firefly, Jinx (masked, unmasked and blindfolded), Zartan added to the G.I.JOE page.

Mini-Logos – G.I.JOE ARAH (with tiny tagline under the main logo), The early Japanese ARAH-style logo, Cobra (IDW), Action Force (yellow stencil, and ARAH-looking versions) and Dreadnok (from the 7 pack of figures) added to the G.I.JOE section.

GFX Generators – The following things were updated:

GroupShot: 88×136 Comic now has some of the Marvel G.I.JOE comic set-ups.
Characters: Cobra (IDW logo added), Dreadnoks (Zartan sprite added), Firefly (new, 1 sprite, 3 palettes), G.I.JOE (Beach-head v1 sprite added), Jinx (new, 3 sprites), Snake-Eyes (Marvel logo)

Sprites – G.I.JOE page added with the playable characters from the first NES game and some cinema gifs from the arcade game.

Game Index – Konami’s G.I.JOE arcade game was added to the index.

2 Responses to “Yo Joe 2013!”

  1. I managed to find (and thoroughly enjoy) the GI Joe sprite page by going through the link in the game index, but I can’t find it in the sprite page list.

    I have a feeling it’s just my browser, but there’s only three “G” pages; The two Golden Axes, and Growl.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on that, Eddie! It was a mistake on my part by forgetting to update the sprite gallery navigation list. A link to the Joe galleries should show up on the side now.