Two new galleries have been added to the Custom Sprites section and both are showcases for two excellent pixel technicians: Kiwi and C4ncel. You’ve probably seen Kiwi’s god-tier work before and his gallery here is long overdue. Have you ever seen the Cat’s Lair MUGEN stage that recreates the classic ThunderCats’ headquarters? He did the glorious pixel work on that. The gallery is just a tiny sample of his skills and you can see much, much more at his deviantART page. The second gallery belongs to C4ncel and his excellent SNK/King of Fighters style edits. You’ll see characters from classics like Castlevania and Final Fight to newer games like God Hand, No More Heroes, and Borderlands. C4ncel has a website called C4ncelCove that has more of his work with more creations on the way. Be sure to send them a message if you like their work!

Breakin’ News

Final Fight: Double Impact (Final Fight + Magic Sword with online play and other stuff) is on sale for $4.99 on Playstation Network! This would’ve been the first DLC game I bought for my PS3 if it weren’t for the fact that it MUST be connected to the internet to play. That’s an issue for me because I have one internet line with no router so I have to switch between the internet and PS3. I know it’s DRM to keep the “code sharers” at bay but it also kept me from buying it until it was on sale since I usually won’t be able to play it.

The first Moon Diver DLC content pack is out and only costs $1! It includes Silence, the former ally that may have been controlled by Faust to fight the rest of the team, returns to the flock to whoop all kinds of buttock. His stats are so insane that I cleared the game in one sitting. You also get a special Score Attack Mode that challenges you to kill as many enemies as possible in an auto-scrolling stage. It’s fun and it’s only a buck. Those who bought it and are having trouble with it may want to get this pack to burn through the game with Silence.

The whole thing came and went between updates here but I still want to congratulate Bomber Games for the excellent Streets of Rage Remake v.5 release. I hope something can be worked out so that it can be hosted on your site again.

Wizzy has been busy with the music and he’s put up tracks for the likes of Batman (hi-tech sound + heroic theme + foreboding moments = excellence), Thanos (powerful and epic) and some music for good ol’ Radd Spencer. He dropped two of them including this one along with the following that has an excellent sprite by Steamboy13. Enjoy the music!