Brawlers who remember that this post’s title is also the first line in one of Capcom’s greatest beat-em-ups already know which two Marvel heroes are in this update. Fans who know the Japanese names of an excellent but lesser known Taito series may have figured out who else is in here. Anyone kind enough to check out Illmosis earlier this week already know which multiplayer gaming icon came to the party with enough explosions for everybody.

Graphic Generators – Fixed the Marvel vs. Capcom 1 Vs. stand-off so that the minilogos post on the right layers again. There is also a new screenstyle in the Vs. Maker called “Variable” that lets you choose from many background, foreground and overlay graphics. New and updated characters follow:
Marvel: Nick Fury & the Punisher
Taito: Sayo-Chan/Pocky, Manuke/Rocky and the Growl heroes
Other Games: Bomberman
Updated characters: Axel Stone (improved sprites), Cody (F.Fight uppercut sprite added), X-23 (minilogos)

Custom Sprites
Marvel: the Punisher (three variations), Nick Fury (three variations)
Hudson: Bomberman
Taito: Sayo-Chan a.k.a. Pocky

Mini logos

Konami: Crime Fighters, Contra (2 variations), Vendetta
Hudson: Bomberman (NES & 16-bit era)
Marvel: Nick Fury (90’s), X-23
Sega: Shinobi (2002)
Taito: Sayo, Pocky & Rocky
Atari/Midway/Williams: Narc

Game logos – Crime Fighters 2, Legend of Zelda (animated), Wizards & Warriors, Zelda II

I also have a ScrollBoss account set up on Tumblr! Check it out right here. There will be more than just update posts there so keep an eye on it if you have a Tumblr account.

The convention is over and was fun. Check out the main Illmosis site to see more about that along with the flyer I was giving out and the scratch-made sprite that’s on it.

Mini Logos – There is at least one new minilogo for each letter of the alphabet. Seriously.

Atari/Midway/Williams: Gauntlet
Capcom: Bionic Commando, Darkstalkers, J, Marvel vs. Capcom, Street Fighter II
Data East: Bad Dudes (cover/marquee/flyer style), Chelnov, Dragonninja
DC Comics: Isis
IREM: Kid Niki, Undercover Cops
Konami: Castlevania
Marvel: Havok, X-Men
Nintendo: Link, Wario, Zelda
Sega: Electra, Onihime, Quartet, Roo, Victy, Yasha
SNK: Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury
Tecmo: Ninja Gaiden

I needed a lot of new logos thanks to a new feature in the Graphic Generators and noticed that I had a lot of letters in a row. I thought it would be fun to try and finish the rest of the alphabet in time for the update, a fact that will probably be used against me in a psyche evaluation. It also gave me an excuse to use that post title. Thanks to Buyog and WillyFourEyes for helping with suggestions for P(engo) and W(ario) over Twitter. I also fixed quite a few earlier mini logos by filling some with empty space to fit the 64×26 size limit and edited a few that were too big since I didn’t know what the size limits were then. I still need to fix a few, though. This will make it easier for anyone who wants to make a graphic font from the logos.

Graphic Generators – I added another minor feature to the engine that streamlines the mini logo choice process for certain styles with one logo AND adds a list of theme-specific logos to the list. This has been enabled on the Capcom, Sega and SNK game boxes to add a list of game minilogos to the choices.

Characters added: Dragonninja (enemy drones from Bad Dudes), Havok
Characters updated: Balrog (sprites), Vega (sprites), X-23 (custom X-Men:CotA name graphic). Bad Dudes, Electra, Radd Spencer had their new mini logos added to their options.

Game Logos – Alisia Dragoon, Atomic Runner Chelnov (arcade & Genesis), B. Rap Boys, Bare Knuckle 2, Cabal, D. D. Crew, Elevator Action, Fantasy, Geostorm, Hissatsu Buraiken, the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Quartet, Sly Spy/Secret Agent (with and without background field), Undercover Cops

I’m still getting ready for the All-Americon comic convention in May so the updates are still light and random. I’m also taking this chance to do some clean up work on a few things at random like getting the weblog to look more like the site.

Custom Sprites – X-23 sprite edit added to the Marvel page. Also: credits now link to the company page when a company is listed and will also link to individual people once I get the creator profiles started.

Sprites – Comic Book spites hub, Ninja Gaiden pages updated and redone. Violent Storm updated with new sprites including some animated fighting stances.

Logos – Dark Adventure, Express Raider, Rolling Thunder

Mini Logos – New logos added to the following sections:
– DC Comics: Poison Ivy
– Capcom: Roxy, Poison
– Marvel: Mystique
– Namco: Rolling Thunder, Wonder Momo
– Sega: Alien Storm, Shinobi (arcade), Streets of Rage (red, blue, white cover style)

Graphic Generators – X-23 (no logo yet) added to the Marvel section. Joe Musashi gets updated with another sprite and other mini logos. Poison/Roxy updated with new logos.

Rinry (of RinryGameGame fame) posted a video review of the Retro Duo system that lets you play most NES and SNES carts. This answered many of the questions I wondered about including the sound, an issue with many current retro systems. Check it out:

I’ll mention the All-Americon comic convention in Warren, Ohio on May 15th that I’ll have a table for. I’ll be selling art prints and hanging out with other scribblers and comic fans. A lot of really cool artists came to the last one and most of them seem to be coming back for part two. It only costs $2 to get in so stop in if you can! I’ll be handing out copies of last year’s Illmosis Party Flyer (with a special appearance by Endless Duck from that Silver Surfer picture) to give out even if you don’t buy anything.

Here’s part two of the Halloween update:

GFX Generators – The Vampire Savior 2 VS. screen has been upgraded to use that game’s name graphics. All Darkstalkers characters and one Castlevania character can use them. New characters have been added and the breakdown is like this:
Capcom: Jedah, Lei-Lei
Nintendo (new!): Mario (with alt. palettes), Samus Aran (no armor & Zero Suit shared palettes)
Konami: Death, Belmont Clan (Simon/Trevor with lots of alt. palettes)
IREM: Thomas/Vigilante gets his black and white outfit from Kung-Fu, the NES version of Kung-Fu Master.

Custom Sprites – Simon Belmont (NES stance) added to the Konami page. I plan to improve it a bit more before I use it as a base for other versions of the outfit.

Mini-logos – Jedah was added to the Capcom section, Samus (NES style) was added to the Nintendo section and Trevor (Belmont) was added to the Konami section.

I’ve also done some horror and NES themed updates on Illmosis for the last few weeks with new art of Death and Medusa from Castlevania and the Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill.