December 10th, 2010

This is just a small update

GFX Generators – The last update added the ability to pick options for certain backgrounds and I said something about future updates taking crazy advantage of that. I’m using the Slam Masters rings as a demonstration for that again. Having different backgrounds and Vs. fonts for the Slam Masters rings was just practice.

Vs. Maker screens:
Slam Masters series rings – Rings and crowds/bgs can now be mixed and more background parts from whole series were added.
X-Men: CotA Vs – Added a few stage preview options.

GroupShot screens:
X-Men: CotA “Moon Night” – with a few bg options.

Custom Sprites – Ken (known as Kevin in the Japanese version) from Street Fighter 2010 has been added to the Capcom page. I just couldn’t let this year slip by without making a sprite edit of him. I also updated the “Then and Now” page to compare the Johnny Storm and Superman sprites along with a more detailed progress chart for street-clothes Cody.

I also made a commissioned from-scratch sprite of a legendary comic book advertising hero and you can see that on the deviantART page in this link. Be sure to check out the work by man who commissioned the sprite!

Good news, everyone: Quartermaster is back with a new URL and highly-updated Capcom and SNK shrines! Shadi has done a ton of work on the shrines and they’re as informative as they are attractive. He doesn’t play favorites and put as much effort into the Black Tiger and Magic Sword shrines as he gives into pages of more well-known games. Please give the place a visit! I apologize that all of my links from here to the new URL aren’t fixed in this update but I’ll get that done as soon as I can.

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