“This Valentine’s Day, lucky couples will find themselves in the sack. The unlucky ones will end up in a body bag. The DangerTerrorHorrorThon continues!”

Friday the 13th got its due in yesterday’s update, so lets celebrate Valentine’s Day with a horrorific twist!

Custom Sprites
Movies: Candyman and and the miner (My Bloody Valentine).
Capcom: two scratch-made Jill Valentine sprites in her MvsC3 fighting stance
Konami: A new scratch-made sprite of the Succubus from Symphony of the Night (replacing the old sprite edit)

– Movies: Candyman and My Bloody Valentine(1981)

Those bits of newness were added to the GFX Generators. The Candyman was also added to the Fake Screenshots in Mega Man NES sprite form.

That’s all for this weekend. Take care and keep having a great weekend!