November 21st, 2014

Is this update a session of Dungeons and Dragons or the side of some guy’s van from the 1970s? You make the call! 1989 was filled with a ton of “hack ‘n slash” games, including Golden Axe, the arcade hit that found the sweet spot between earlier H&S platformers and the combat trappings and tall play-fields of post-Double Dragon beat-em-ups. This update has pixel art tributes to those games.

Mini-logos – It’s finally been redesigned so you’re not forced to wait until a zillion mini-logos load up. It starts with a text list of the different sections and you click on the one you want to see, including the old “all at once” view.

– ADK Corporation: ADK Corporation, Gang Wars
– Namco: Valkyrie no Densetsu, Legend of the Valkyrie
– Palace Software: Barbarian, Barbarian II
– Rare Ltd.: Rare (early ’90s logo), Wizards and Warriors
– TAD Corporation (New!): TAD Corporation, Cabal, Toki
– Taito: Wizard (Cadash)

Custom Sprites
– Konami: Trevor Belmont (NES stand)
– Jaleco: Astyanax (arcade version)
– Namco: Valkyrie from Valkyrie no Densetsu
– Rare: Kuros
– Sega: Ax Battler
– Other games: Princess Mariana (Axe of Rage/Barbarian 2)

Graphic Generators – All of the new content was added to the fighting game-scale generators.

Mega Ran’s current Kickstarter will be winding down Friday night, so kick in some scratch if you like what he does and have the dough to do so!

December will be the wrap-up for the whole “the Revenge of 1989” 25th anniversary shindig. I’ll try to wrap up various loose ends, including sprites to complete certain teams (I’m one character away from the Dracula’s Curse heroes team and Belger still needs a wheelchair) and a few other issues. Take care and I’ll see you again next month!

3 Responses to “Golden Axe of Rage and Astyanax Warriors Densetsu: Dracula’s Curse”

  1. Saw the childhood game of game characters really excited
    The debut of the creative roles Valkyrie really happy

    Can you please
    consider mutation nation rose girl
    Sengoku series Kunoichi and turtle princess
    three groups
    Ninja Combat Kunoichi who

                          Denjin Makai Valkyrie girl

                          Avenging Spirit Amazon

    I hope in the future we could see them appear here
    It is my sincere hope !!!

  2. Thank you for the kind words!

    I’m glad you like the Valkyrie sprite. I was worried it wasn’t good enough until people told me that they liked it.

    Those are very good ideas for sprites. Amazon is one of my favorite enemies in Avenging Spirit and I want to make a sprite of her. I need to make Denjin Makia sprites, so I’ll make sure the Valkyrie is one of them.

    There will be at least one new sprite of a female villain in December. She’s from a rare game so I hope you like the surprise!

  3. Thank you for your creation
    Valkyrie with the emergence of many roles
    Let me recall the good times in previous years
    (There are many games to play that part of the day is the memories of my life)

    Thank you for your continued creation
    Let’s role has been forgotten can be reborn again
    I really appreciate!