December 2nd, 2009

A Wednesday update? Just like the old days. Sorry about not updating last month but things got busy in both real life and with the Illmosis site. This is just a small update to get a few things out of the way and to alert you to this month’s theme…

That’s right. 1989 was an amazing year for video games. The Genesis and Turbografx-16 hit the U.S. and the Gameboy debuted to change portable gaming forever. Then there are the games of 1989. That list includes Golden Axe, Final Fight and the Revenge of Shinobi are just three of my personal favorites on this list and you’ve probably noticed that those series get a lot of love on ScrollBoss. Since I couldn’t do 20th anniversary celebrations of all this amazing stuff, I’ve decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of 1989 itself. There will be multiple updates fortified with 1989 essential vitamins and minerals and this update is just a microscopic taste of what is to come. As much as I’d like to pretend that I planned to have this mini-update feature those three games I mentioned earlier, it just turned out that way.

S-Files – The engine was updated to give small sprite galleries to each character profile. Many of the Final Fight and Golden Axe profiles got small updates.

Sound Rips – A zip file with the sound effects from the Revenge of Shinobi was added.

Expect much more in the next updates including Sprite Edits, Vs. Maker additions and more.

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