December 11th, 2009

Thanks to unexpected stuff that popped up, I couldn’t finish certain things in time for this update. The big update wasn’t going to be this week but I did want the main 1989 feature page done. I’m trying to save certain things custom sprites and Vs. Maker for that big update and some of the surprises would be blown by uploading them now. Here’s the limited update:

Game Index – Crime City was added and Strider got some minor update.

Company Index – Taito has been updated with some Crime City stuff.

Sprites – sprites and animations to the Revenge of Shinobi (including Kasumi and Bootleg Batman!), Strider and two Crime City pics were added to the Taito page.

Logos – Crime City, Last Battle, Keith Courage, Mystic Defender and Vigilante (TG-16), Adventures of Bayou Billy, Battletoads and Double Dragon (NES), Burgertime, Megaman 8 added.

Meanwhile, thanks to Shin Otaru for pointing this link out to me:
Interview: Robby Zinchak, Associate Producer, Final Fight: Double Impact

Some very interesting info there and, of course, related to 1989.

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