Breakin’ News

Double Dragon Neon (and its playable demo) is now in the Playstation Store and X-Box Live. I played the demo for a few minutes (I’m still working on commission stuff and don’t have much time right now) and dug it. Most of the reviews for it seem to be positive, though the main negative review so far is so badly written that it’s already being mocked. Remember the early slack-assed reviews of Moon Diver that called it a mindless platformer but complained about how easy it is to die because they played it like a mindless platformer? Yeah, there’s a bit of that going around with this one. Still, most people seem to be digging it.

Learn more at the official website for the game and give the demo a shot while remembering that dodging and countering is just as important as blocking and countering was in Super Double Dragon.

BTW: Jake Kaufman’s soundtrack, filled with classic D.D. remixes and stunning eighties-ness, is up on BandCamp.
Double Dragon Neon soundtrack
Imagine that there was a pilot for a live-action Double Dragon TV show in the 80’s that would’ve aired at 10 PM on NBC or CBS. That’s what the remix of the main theme sounds like and I’m beyond okay with that.

The big news this week is that the Lee Brothers have officially been reinstated!

The game will be developed by WayForward and digitally distributed by Majesco. This doesn’t seem to be a complete rehash and seems to be upping the 80’s factor on this one. Some of the art in that story I linked to up there looks a bit like Genzoman’s style, but I haven’t seen anything official on that yet. I’ve seen some user complaints about the game’s speed in the YouTube comments (I know, I know), but the Double Dragon series was NEVER a series for the twitch-freaks. Dig out your copy of Super Double Dragon if you think I’m BS’ing you. WayForward’s involvement with this gives me hope, so I’m definitely looking forward to this revival.