January 16th, 2010

Don’t even ask me how this blog is going to work because everything that I start mutates on it’s own. It’s mostly for posting ScrollBoss and MugenBoss updates but there will be some gaming news if it relates to the types of games featured on the site like side-scrollers, beat-em-ups, etc. I’ll try to kick out some fan game news here too. One thing that will definitely be here are posts where I preview things I’m working on for the site. I may even kick out some early versions of things for people to test out or just have fun with. It’ll be a secret since I’m pretty sure no one will read this frickin’ thing. But still.

All of the posts before this one are archived versions of old website updates. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get all of the old ones added. There is a grand total of 208 posts using the CuteNews system and that doesn’t count the 3 years of update posts I typed right onto mainmenu.html. Yes, I still have some of those saved somewhere.

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