December 31st, 2009

Before the 1989 theme month is over in a few hours, I’d just like to throw in a few of the things that weren’t done for the Sunday update.

1.) A few system bugs with the Company Index have been fixed.
2.) Double Dragon II (NES) and S.P.Y. (Arcade) were added to the Game Index.
3.) Vs. Maker just got a new company: Technos. The Lee Brothers, Kunio-Kun and new sprite edits of Alex and Ryan from River City Ransom were added to the Vs. Maker. Nothing spectacular but I think Alex and Ryan really deserved to show up before the theme month was over.
4.) You may have noticed that the main menu has a slightly new style for the header. Hopefully, these new, adjustable headers will help the page adapt to more screen sizes and ratios. The old Brawlstreet and a new Strider banner are the only two for now but there will be more added throughout 2010.

Things go back to normal in January with update about every two weeks. See you next year!

(originally posted on Thu, 31 December 2009 05:18:21 by PrimeOp )

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