June 25th, 2010

MugenBoss – I’ve been promising to improve MugenBoss’ look for years but never came up with anything I liked until now. There will be a few more things added in July but I really wanted to get the basics out there now to see how they look. Honestly, MugenBoss had been ugly long enough.

Vs. Maker Seeing as how I almost burnt myself out working on this last week, this update is really small. Thor got another sprite and another color set while Strider Hiryu’s palette was modified to include his helpers (options) which let me add another win pose.

Time for another two-color preview sprite:

You’ll see that whole sprite along with other scratch-made sprites, sprite edits and much more when the Anniversary updates kick in starting on July 19th.

edit: oddly enough, the hit counter was at 99500 when I originally posted this update and it went by twenty by 8 PM EST. I’m curious if the 100000th hit will be before or after July 19th. “Hmmm. I wonder. Oh well.”

2 Responses to “MugenBoss upgrade pt. 1 and tiny Vs. Maker update”

  1. The counter will cross before July 1, not July 19. If I’m the 100,000 hit, I want a prize! (j/k)

  2. […] that has to wait until ScrollBoss’ 10th Anniversary updates in July. You can see a preview in last week’s site update and I think many old video game fans may recognize […]