April 16th, 2012

This site was the victim of a hacker attack a few days ago. Anyone who visited this site in the past month should have their system checked. I scrubbed out the sub-domain, re-uploaded everything from the clean site backup I have and did a few more security-related things before opening the site again. A few images are broken for now, but nearly everything seems to be working correctly. The site may go down temporarily a few times before I announce the return. I need to have the site open for take care of a few more things. Please let me know (leave a comment here) if you run into any issues while on the site.

I apologize for any inconveniences and problems this site has caused you and I thank you for coming back.

EDIT (April 19, 2012): Okay, it looks like the site access problems have been straightened out now.

The rest of this post is just edits about the speeds and the time they happen.

edit (Apr 16, 3:59 AM?): things are working, but the site seems to be running very slowly at the moment. Hold off on browsing the site for a few days. I’ll probably be altering parts as you’re trying to browse it and you could get stuck in a pothole. I’ll try to have the place fully ready by Wednesday, but it will hopefully be 100% before then.

edit (12:34 PM): Good news: the site got a clean bill of health and is off the blacklist. Bad news: ScrollBoss was at normal speed in the wee hours of the morning after I made that first edit, but now both ScrollBoss AND Illmosis (which was fine before) are moving slowly.

edit (12:55 PM): Now it’s just ScrollBoss that’s moving at the speed of a White Bronco. Okay.

edit (3:19 PM): The site seems to be moving at the speed of regular time again. I’ll try to keep track of this while I can.

edit (4:34 PM): Aaaand the site speed seems to be slow again, but not as slow it was before.

edit (2012 04 17, 2:53 AM): The Bad News part of the 12:34 PM update was the operating procedure for both SB and Illmosis until things just slowed down to a crawl. That crawl eventually turned into a K.O. for both sites some time after midnight on the 17th. A few things were reset and both sites are moving at regular speed for now.

edit (2012 04 17, 2:27 PM): The site was moving normally when I when I turned the computer off at around 5:30 AM. I’m just getting back on and the site is slow again. It now takes about 45 seconds to get from page to page.

edit (2012 04 17, 3:54 PM): The site slowed to a dead stop around 3:30 PM, lightened up around 3:45 PM and is back to normal speed at 3:53 PM.

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