April 21st, 2012

First: if you don’t know what happened last week, please read the top part of this earlier post.

This isn’t really a content update (though a few new things probably slipped through), but I’ve made some adjustments to a lot of the site pages. Nearly every page on the site has been modified somehow. Some of it is that behind-the-scenes crap that only I could care about, but a few pages should look better and fit in better with the rest of the site. A few things (mostly images) are broken and I’ll try to fix them as I sort all this mess out. There are a few new things:

Sprites – New animations were added to the Magic Sword page (including an animated Black Orb). Crime Fighters and Vendetta now have separate gallery pages and the Vendetta page has a few new graphics.

The next content update will probably be on the week of May 5th. Yeah, you know where I’m going with this. There won’t be a ton of sprites, but the update will be very Avengers-centric. There will be another comic-related update after that and that Golden Age of Video Games update I mentioned months ago will hit at some point after that.

Thanks for coming back to the site!

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