August 29th, 2009

The new computer is finished thanks to tons of help from one of my friends who is currently in mysterious mode right now or else I’d say who it was. Slowly getting things sorted out while taking time to work on things including a full color version of that NES-style Radd Spencer pic.

Since there’s no update here this week, allow me to suggest that you check out the two new links I added:

Quartermaster (by Shadi from the Capcom Arcade Shrine)
Deathamster’s Nest

edit (2009/08/30):
Okay, maybe this is almost like an update. The Sprite Rip page now has a zip file with the small lifebar portraits from Final Fight One (including the Food and Point frames plus Poison, Roxy, Sid and Billy.

Also, that NES-style Radd Spencer pic I drew a while ago is now in full color on the Illmosis site.

(this is an archived news post)

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