November 10th, 2011

Just in case you haven’t heard elsewhere, the man behind these graphics…

… and this incredible MUGEN stage for the classic Tower of Omens from ThunderCats

… finally has his own pixel art website with a very appropriate title.

2D Will Never Die

You’ll find some beautiful pixel art, tutorials, tips, links and some excellent articles about 2-D gaming. Those who are as inspired by Kiwi’s work as I am (hint: A LOT) should bookmark the new site and follow the site’s account on Tumblr to see pixel art from Kiwi along with many cool pixel art reposts. Those of us who know Kiwi have been hoping that he’d make a site like this for a long, long time and we knew he wouldn’t disappoint. He did a great job and I can’t wait to see what else he has planned for this site after an amazing start like this.

5 Responses to “2D Will Never Die”

  1. Many thanks Prime. It’s because of sites like Scrollboss (Scrollboss in particular, actually) that I moved into and stayed with pixel art and game spriting. As for things to add, I’m taking suggestions. If I ever start producing such things, I might try a Mugen section. Anything goes — The Future Is Now┬« !

  2. Many of us have been waiting for it and others have reposted the link in places (Twitter, FB) that I’ve posted it.

    Personally, I look forward to seeing more articles like the one you wrote about the Spider-Man arcade game. It’s the kind of writing that doesn’t happen enough in this age of annoying YouTube videos and mega-site articles from people who think Street Fighter was the first fighting game ever. I’ll be happy to see more sprites (and backgrounds and portraits and pick-up items and…) from you, but those articles are just as needed.

  3. Hold the phone & the horses. I agree, 2D will never die. I love 2D- it’s why I’ve come here again & again to look at the art. I’M A FAN. I don’t go looking to fan the flames of controversy when I state my opinion on things- but I also don’t take another person’s view and mock it. Never once did I say 2D was dead or dying. How exactly could I be so involved with my current project & believe that? It just makes no sense.

    Whenever I’ve left you comments here it was as a form of praise for what you’ve been doing… it was my way of encouraging this site to exist- ’cause pixel art is awesome. Could you please stop putting words in my mouth and making assumptions about things I say & do? I would & HAVE given you as much respect. PLEASE Stop making assumptions.

  4. I apologize for the mistake and I didn’t know that I said that you specifically said anything about this. Please let me know where I’ve mentioned you in this and I’ll fix the comment. I have a ton of respect for you and appreciate the comments you’ve left.

    The “we” I’m talking about in this article and comments are myself and people I know on the internet who enjoy Kiwi’s work and are glad to finally see him have his own website. I’ve posted the link in places Facebook and Twitter, friends reposted it and people I don’t even know reposted the reposts. I hope you like it, too.

  5. Then for what I’ve said I’ll retract & If I’m in error here then I apologize. No, you never stated my name- I’ve certainly jumped to conclusions myself on occasion so I won’t labor the point.

    Good luck with the new site Kiwi.