April 30th, 2010

This isn’t an update but it’s important enough to put in the news section.

I’m going to be at the All AmeriCon convention in Warren, Ohio this weekend (May 2nd). I have a post on Illmosis with more info here. Even if you can’t buy anything, stop by and get that Illmosis party flyer that mentions ScrollBoss’ 10th birthday.

ScrollBoss has been quiet for a while because I’ve focused on making more drawn art for the convention. People who know the early days of this site may remember I did the same thing when getting ready for other conventions. They may also remember that I’d make sure that the following month would have crazy updates to make up for it and that’s how May is going to be here.. Do you like the Vs. Maker graphic generator? Then you’ll like it even more when you see one of the new features in the next update. What is it? See if you can figure it out from this screenshot:

May is going to be an active month here so be sure to keep an eye on the site.

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