May 8th, 2010

Vs. Maker 0.85 is now in effect. Two things have been added to warrant the increase from 0.80 to 0.85.

The first is the “NameGFX” option for games that use sprites that write the names in a single font instead of using minilogos or true in-game fonts that type a name out letter-by-letter. These name sprites can cheat in ways that fonts can’t by having certain letters overlap or use smaller versions of the letter. The first two Vs. Maker screenstyles to use this feature are X-Men: Children of the Atom and Street Fighter Alpha 3. I made a few custom names for each but most unconnected characters will still display either nothing (X-Men) or a custom secret character name sprite (“?????” in SFA3).

The big new thing: Alternate Palettes for sprites. Only a few characters have it right now but that will grow over time but you can now choose alternate palettes for certain characters. This is one of the biggest things I wanted to have working and it’s good to finally have it in place. Don’t expect many (or any) new characters until everyone has palettes enabled but some existing characters will get sprites added.

Alt. Palette characters: Andore, Altered Beast werewolf, Arthur (GnG), Bad Dudes (now one merged character), Capt. America (with U.S. Agent), Chun-Li, ESWAT’s ICE and File 96 (merged into one char that shares palettes), Guy, Iron Man/War Machine (also merged), Karate Champ, Megaman, Poison (& Roxy), Ryu and Sagat.

Added sprites: Capt. America (new poses + 1 U.S. Agent sprite edit), Chun-Li (CvS sprites!), Iron Man (with War Machine MvsC art sprite edit), Megaman (a few new sprites), Ryu and Sagat.

This was uploaded a week earlier than I planned so there may be some bugs. More characters will be palette-enabled in upcoming weeks, more NameGFX will be added and other fixes will trickle in with every update. This is still in test mode so please let me know if there’s something that isn’t working. You can leave feedback in the comments section of this post. Thanks and I hope you have fun with this!

edit: Something about the Vs. Maker update causes the modified characters to be botched in Internet Explorer. I don’t have a clue why other than, well, that’s the kind of thing Internet Explorer does, isn’t it? It works in both Firefox and Opera but it’s straight-up buggin’ in IE. I’ll look into why but don’t expect that to get fixed soon because I have NO idea why it’s doing this.

3 Responses to “Vs. Maker 0.85 added”

  1. […] I’m making this topic ridiculously long, I may as well post a link to the ScrollBoss post about the big Vs. Maker update that was made last week. I worked on bits of it during the week before the convention dove into it […]

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  2. The Versus maker is working fine for me, though I haven’t tested it thoroughly. The new additions to it are great, it’s a very cool (& fun) toy to play with- I resisted the urge to post my combinations. I like that you have sets of characters from specific continuities rather then too many lone characters.

    Good luck with your artistic workload PrimeOp.

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  3. Thanks, F’NW. I tried to make sure that the character additions were done in company and universe chunks to make the team-ups and face offs more fun. A few more characters were given palette-swap power in today’s update. There probably won’t be any new characters until I get all the old ones sorted out so things don’t get too messy.

    A few of the things I want to draw will be used on ScrollBoss so it won’t be like I’m fully neglecting the site.

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