May 5th, 2013

Here’s a list of everything that was in the comic book and superhero-themed updates for last week:

New M.U.G.E.N. stage: Iron Man’s Hall of Armor

GFX Generators

New characters:
DC Comics – Bizarro, Braniac, Harley Quinn, Lois Lane, Poison Ivy, Zod
Marvel – Super-Skrull
TMNT – Master Splinter, the Shredder
Data East – Chelnov/Atomic Runner
Namco – Bravoman
Updated characters:
Marvel – Spider-Man (black costume taunt sprite edit added), Storm (new punk rock sprite, 2 palettes added), Iron Man (Heroes Return era mini-logo added)
Toys and ‘Toons – G.I.JOE team updated with Snow Job sprite

GroupShot: All 12 TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) stages were added to the “Boxes, Flyer & Posters 160×192,” “Avatar 100×100,” and “Comics 88×136 pixels” styles in the GroupShot Generator. X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Capcom Secret Files) added to the 88×136 comic cover styles.

Custom Sprites – The sprites added to the generators have all been added to their respective Marvel, and galleries.

Custom Sprites – Sprites were added to the following galleries
DC – Lois Lane, Bizarro, Braniac, Zod, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy
Marvel – the Super-Skrull, Spider-Man sprite edit (black costume), Storm (punk outfit)
TMNT – Master Splinter and Shredder (’80s cartoon versions)
Snow Job – Snow Job v.1
Data East – Chelnov (improved from Saturday’s version, added an alternate version)
Namco – Bravoman

TMNT – TMNT arcade sprites added. Animated fighting stances of all 12 characters from Tournament Fighters (SNES) sprites added.

Mini-Logos – Bizarro (’80s), Brainiac (’80s), Despero (’90s), Lois Lane (original, early ’70s), Mera (’80s) added to DC. Iron Man (Heroes Return) added to Marvel.

Game Logos – TMNT Tournament Fighters (various versions) and Batman: Return of the Joker (NES) added.

Game Index – Captain America and the Avengers (Genesis), Spider-Man & the X-Men (SNES), TMNT IV (SNES) and Trojan (NES) added.

Vernacula-X – A few more terms were added and a few more terms were expanded. 1-UP, Versus Mode and Palette Swap were the most improved and now have small sprite or screenshot galleries.

2 Responses to “Comic Book Week 2013: the TPB”

  1. Wow!!! Thanks a lot for the stage!!! I have been waiting for long time for this stage!!!

    Thats the best stage designed for Iron Man for Mugen!!

  2. Thanks, NX-MEN! Sorry for the long wait, but I hope it was worth it!